Thursday, January 9, 2014

Giffords FAKE II - The Secret Life of Gabrielle Giffords

living on planet Z's You Tube


rodin said...

quenelles all round

Noor al Haqiqa said...

Good solid research. I could not find a Part One however.

There is one photo of Giffords near the end where she looks like a "pretty" younger Hillary, great resemblance. Oh gosh, another conspiracy theory!

Funny how just digging into such hoaxes brings up the same old crew over and over ~ and over ~ again?

Naw, I am just an anti semitic for going there aren't I?

rodin said...

yeah I noticed Hillary there too. Well was I right about MCP? I know Jackie shot JFK. Jewish female agents and assassins are everywhere

delcroix said...

y w signifier
noor , i posted part one on my own blog and forgot to post it here lol

Don Damore said...

Well said Rodin. I wrote something longer but comment got lost due to some fuck-up with Google.

First time that has happened. Perhaps in future I should copy before posting.