Sunday, March 4, 2018

The Realist Report with John Friend 2018.02.26 Updated Audio

Interview With College Student – Another Version

Update: Here is another MP3 file of the conversation I had with a college student regarding my views of the “Holocaust” and WWII more generally – hopefully this one is a bit better! The MP3 file I recorded, which I used in the original post for this podcast, was terrible, and I apologize. I believe the software program I use needed to be updated, and that resulted in the poor audio quality and the inability to even hear the college student. Original post follows. -JRF

I spoke with an undergraduate student at a major American university about my views relating to the “Holocaust” and other aspects of WWII. She is currently working on a senior project dealing with the “Holocaust,” including perspectives offered by revisionists and skeptics of the official narrative. We had a very good conversation, and I applaud this young student for having the courage to entertain revisionist ideas.
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Allat Goddess said...

"The Diary of Anne Frank" is a hoax.
ANd the people who wrote it, are dead.

Allat Goddess said...

" I didn't have enough time to like, read it."

Is she in college? Why does the woman speak like that? Why put "like" in the sentence? It should be, "I didn't have enough time to read it."

Sami Ahmed said...

This girl clearly was not interested in anything he said. I don't get why he did this.

Sami Ahmed said...

I can not understand what this is. She sounds like a Jew who plans to write a paper trashing him. Why? I wish she said something because it sounds as though she just had him go on and on. Bad interview, literally sounds like the ADL calling and just having him talk for an hour to make people think "Look at this guy, he can spend an hour talking about this...He must not be getting pussy. Go back to sleep, everybody." So all the morons in that age bracket will write him off as a cautionary tale. He should have had a more natural conversation.