Wednesday, July 25, 2018

The moment of suspension of the terrorist

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INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

I wonder if the Turing fail at GCHQ is self aware enough to know that that is what is coming for it. Does it know that UK overseas development aid and quantitative easing leads to swirling piles of money for mentalists to go around the world killing people? Does it do Bayesian? Can it see the same shit in Hyperinflation of 1920s and 30s? Can it see East side jews wandering around Russia killing people with kid on kommie slogans financed by NYLON in 1919? Can it see itself swinging on a man made fiber long rope?

Anyway. never had much sympathy for the slaver clowns in that area, they are and always will be dirt poor in spirit and worship Satan as default. Don't expect anything but trouble soon. Ding ding, seconds out. Round Four.