Family SHTF Emergancy Fund

This is exactly what it's title suggests, a rainy day fund for family members to fall back on when times are tough.

For example, our brother needed a brake job a few months back and his S&L was giving him shit and wanting to charge usury fees, etc,  he could have taken a loan from this fund and told em all to feck off.

Collectively we could have lent him the money and it wouldn't be as much of a burden as say one of us lending the full amount.  Then when when things are better, he could pay back the loan without worries or we could even forgive the loan if need be.

Keep it simple, honest and straight forward and it works.  This is a collective insurance fund to keep all family members safe in times of need, NOT a get rich scheme or slush fund.

I have a SHTF fund set up for my family and it is working great and quickly growing.  Me, my wife, kids, grand kids, etc, contribute cash when things are good and I convert most of it into junk silver US coins and keep some on hand, for emergencies.

I keep open books and everybody knows exactly what "they" have in the fund and how much is on hand to loan etc.  All profit I make from silver trading stays in the fund and it makes up for "Forgiven loans" (My unemployed broke ass son. LOL)

This is a great way to stay out of debt and avoid the Jews usury fees, we live frugally, buy used when we can and only use the banks to pay bills etc

How it works:

1. Family members contribute to the fund when times are good and it's recorded on a open set of books for all to see

2. I (The treasurer) hold onto the cash and silver and keep it in a safe place, I keep the books updated and deal with, loans etc

3. I convert excess cash into junk silver US coins (easy to sell dimes, quarters and half dollars) when silver is cheap, and sell when it's high,  this helps keep up with inflation and US silver coins can easily be converted back into cash when needed.

Books example

--- Contributions ---

Del                      $120
Grizz                    $60
Foone                  $100
RJ                        $140
Whooly                $60
Rockclimber         $80
Zapoper               $140
Total                    $700

--- Loans ---

Del                    Loan $100 + $5 fee (For money order and postage)   
                     Balance $105

--- Funds on hand ---

$295 US notes

25 US Dimes
10 US Quarters
20 US Half dollars

Current Market Value +/- $300

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