June 07, 2014

The New Babylon: Those Who Reign Supreme - PDF

World conquest is the ultimate aim.
The origins of the NWO are indubitably clear and the forces that are bringing this NWO into being are readily apparent. Its proponents have very real faces and names. These modern-day Pharisees are not hidden behind obscure, impossible-to-pinpoint entities such as 'The Illuminati' or a 'German death cult' as some would have us believe.

The NWO forces have coalesced around the international empire of the Rothschild Dynasty whose tentacles now reach into the highest levels of the American system. The NWO is real and this is what it is all about.

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Woodchuck said...

The link doesn't seem to be working :(

WHOOLI said...

Switched to another source link.

Woodchuck said...

Got it! Thanks!

Blindlight said...

after observing michael Collins Piper carry Jew water on Sandy Hook, I would never read anything by the guy. He along with AFP and the Ugly Truth all made a deal to demonize Sandy Hook truth-that tells me they got marching orders from above and for whatever reason and I am sure reasons vary they all started marching like bolsheviks Jews.Remember, disinfo comes in nice shiny packages with lots of accurate goodies-Sandy Hook is potentially big because this op was so clearly a false flag. Those people being paid are being paid by Jews. Most of us should know that alternative media is mostly 3rd tier op heaven "What about the victims families?" Gosh, where have I heard that argument before? Can anyone say holocaust and 911? They used the same demonizing techniques as Jews do!

Unknown said...

We don't know what pressures Michael was under or why.
Michael revealed a lot of truth .... and paid the price.
He was stabbed in the back by people he trusted.
He was brain-waved and heart-attacked.
The Elite has the means and the nasty will to put a lot of pressure on people who oppose them.
The Global Banksters and their duped Masonic minions. They install 25/7/365 invasive micro-surveillance. They drain a victim's finances by using petty theft and vandalism; they interfere with credit card transactions; they install viruses in computers in real time; they erase the data on computers; they use fiber optic to watch victims in their own homes; they use Smart meters to "fry" victims; they use "sayanim and masonic-gofers" to harass vulnerable victims in ambulances, emergency rooms and operating rooms. (Remember the bacteria that killed researcher Jim Keith during his knee operation.) They have front companies to deliver harassment (phony pest control companies; phony real estate agents; phony car repair; phony insurance...you name it, they've got it).
The Bill of Rights? The US Constitution? Forget it...they had to shred these documents to "save" us.
Who knows what harm these deranged hoodwinkers did to Michael over his lifetime.
Let us cut Michael some slack.