August 01, 2014


1 - Stephen Harper tells Israeli Knesset

2 - Zionist Canada bows to the jew

3 - Canada's prime minister creates an "enemies list"

4 - Canada’s One-Sided Israel Extremism

5 - Canada increases criminalization of media workers

6 - Israel critics targeted by Jewish terrorist organization as ‘anti-Semites’ in Canada

7 - Canadian political corruption and its impact

8 - Joshua Blakeney threatened in Canada

9 - Canada's pro-Israel journalists seek to suppress anti-colonial discourse

10 - NAFTA and the Next Phase of North American Integration

11- Canada and Zionism

12 - Thought crimes and free speech

13 - Canadian farming


Noor al Haqiqa said...

Arthur Topham's Radical Press is an excellent Canadian blog for the few interested in our country's decent into Zionist-infested turf.

Arthur and Northerntruthspeaker are among the very few awake bloggers in Canada, almost all others are compromised.

It is no surprise that Joshua has been threatened. Heck he is conscientious and interviews rabble-rousers like Jonathan Azaziah.

The other day I went in search of a Palestinian flag. The first shop I entered had a lovely collection of international flags but no Palestinian. The little lady behind the till informed me they did not carry "controversial" flags. Upon my question she said, "South Africa and Palestine" were "controversial". I forget the other one or two she mentioned.

"You say you don't carry such flags in your store? Then why is this flag of Israel here? Now that is a controversial country with its current activities. It really should not be hanging here if that is your policy."

The next shop I went to, the man said, "Oh someone came in yesterday and bought all the flags and told me about the bad reporting we get here. But we can make you your flag? How big would you like it?"

We talked a bit and I spoke to him a little more about Israel. When I left the next day with the flag flying high on my trike he sent me off with a "Watch out for angry Zionists on the road!"

Canadians are so white washed that such little victories are to be cherished. He may not become greatly political but now he knows what is wrong and can discuss it with others.... (prays)

There is not enough apology material on the planet for some of us to offer the world over the horrors of our administration of "(not so) benign strangulation".

Might I add, do not look for much change in the near decade unless something HUGE happens. All of our parties are very firmly in the grip of the enemy. Each one has come out in support of Israel in Gaza no matter how fancily worded their response.

Anonymous said...

Canadians are even more apathetic than Americans.