August 04, 2014

Freud’s Follies: Psychoanalysis as religion, cult, and political movement.

One tip off to the pseudoscientific nature of psychoanalysis is to describe its institutional structure. In a real science there are no central organizations that function to ensure doctrinal conformity, expel those who deviate from the accepted truth, and present a united front to the world. It has long been apparent to observers, however, that this is exactly what psychoanalysis has done and continues to do. As Crews notes, psychoanalysis 'conducted itself less like a scientific-medical enterprise than like a politburo bent upon snuffing out deviationism' (Crews, 1995, p. 110). Perhaps the first person to notice and be repelled by this aspect of psychoanalysis was the famous Swiss psychiatrist Eugen Bleuler. Bleuler briefly flirted with psychoanalysis. But when he left the psychoanalytic movement in 1911, he said to Freud 'this 'who is not for us is against us,' this 'all or nothing,' is necessary for religious communities and useful for political parties. I can therefore understand the principle as such, but for science I consider it harmful.' (in Gay 1987, pp. 144-145). The quotation is telling. To become a psychoanalyst was like joining a religious or political movement and not at all like becoming a scientist.
The apex of the authoritarian, anti-scientific institutional structure of psychoanalysis was the Secret Committee of hand-picked loyalists sworn to uphold psychoanalytic orthodoxy, described by Phyllis Grosskurth in The Secret Ring: Freud's Inner Circle and the Politics of Psychoanalysis: By insisting the Committee must be absolutely secret, Freud enshrined the principle of confidentiality.
The various psychoanalytic societies that emerged from the Committee were like Communist cells, in which the members vowed eternal obedience to their leader. Psychoanalysis became institutionalized by the founding of journals and the training of candidates; in short an extraordinarily effective political entity. (Grosskurth 1991, p. 15)
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The Persian Drum said...


Thanks WHOOLI --

Very interesting links and articles. It's high time that the Freud fraud -- and his emissaries -- be exposed. It's all kookery at best, and at worst, satanic.

Anonymous said...

Check out the small booklet written by Eustace Mullins on Freud

The Persian Drum said...

Hello Nick Dean,

I may have misunderstood what you wrote, so please excuse me if that is the case.

I guess I used the word 'satanic' flippantly in my comment above, however by 'satanic' I am using it in reference to Satan whom the Messiah addressed as 'The Adversary' (Hebrew:HaSatan) when casting out demons and healing the sick. He also called those among his own people who continually opposed him as the children of Satan, "a murderer from the beginning, and the Father of all lies".

To God's people -- whosoever found to be in union with Christ, be they Jew or Gentile -- it is Lucifer that is HaSatan, or The Adversary.

I suppose you could say, conversely, that to Lucifer's followers, be they Jew or Gentile, Satan (The Adversary of God and his anointed one) is indeed their god. Lucifer, the Light Bearer, is the head of 'the illuminated', just as Christ is Head of 'the church', that is, those Jews and Gentiles who belong to the Messiah.

Just to clarify, my reading of the bible (the Torah and the New Testament) does not portray God as commissioning the Jews or anyone else to 'rule over all other people' in the supremacist sense. The Talmud does so, absolutely, but not the Good Book. In fact it is Satan who is portrayed, in the current state of things, to be the ruler of this earth. Which is why everything is upside down.

Whenever the Torah and New Testament sites the children of Israel / Gods people as indulging in insest, rape, theft, murder, etc, God calls them whores, murderers and liars and proclaims that 'their house is left desolate'. They are punished, and called to repentance. Likewise, Christ refers to those among his own people who reject God's righteousness as 'evil', 'snakes' and 'white-washed tombs'. He too calls them to repentance, and preaches the good news of God's mercy, should they turn from their wicked ways.

The Good Book reveals how God is sovereign over all, and that the Universe was made through the Messiah, by the Messiah and for the Messiah. Further, all those who are 'in the Messiah', that is, all us sinful, rebellious and wicked people who have been undeservedly forgiven and reconciled to God based on the righteousness of Jesus, are 'adopted as sons' (Paul's letter to the Ephesians), because Jesus 'is not ashamed to call them His brothers' (letter to the Hebrews chapter 2).

It is not 'the Jews', nor 'the Gentiles' who will rule the earth. It is the Messiah who will reign over all, with his co-heirs sharing in his glory, for "in Christ, there is neither Jew nor Gentile, slave or freeman, neither male or female, for in union with Jesus, you are all one". (Galatians 3)

If the bible is to be trusted, Satan will be utterly destroyed.

Again Nick, I hope I didn't misunderstand your original point.

Noor al Haqiqa said...


Freud and Bernais, key components in the recipe to bring down America through the perversion of basic natural desires such as the sex drive. Seamlessly ties in with the Frankfurt School agenda; surely its motto to bring America to despise itself dovetails quite nicely.

BTW, Persian Drum, nothing against Mr. Nick Dean but his comments about satanism are quite vile and right in line with the NWO/JWO agenda of enforced satanism upon the world populace.

From very personal experience, I can attest that satanists do not have your best interests at heart, nor those of the victims of their various dark activities. And do not buy the denials, these activities and their victims do exist in droves.

We are in a spiritual war as well as a physical war. Not just Jew vs Christian vs Muslim. This is a war for your soul and that includes your integrity so with certain things, like satanism, zero tolerance is not such a bad idea. Occult power at the cost of the blood or life of another is just not right.

Anonymous said...

Ya satanism is connected with the Kabbalah and Judeo Freemasonry. Not that Abrahamic religions are much better

The Persian Drum said...


Noor al Haqiqa -- I always enjoy reading your thoughtful and insightful comments.

Anonymous said...

Sickmind Fraud