July 28, 2014

BBC Russia accidentally aired a truthful report about HM17 - The Video Report Deleted by the BBC - ENG SUBS

BBC Russia accidentally aired a truthful report about the HM17 crash, they have since deleted it. The problem with the report was that local people told they they had seen two fighter jets with the Malaysian Airline Boeing 777 MH17 and that it was one of these fighter jets that shot the HM17 down. Before they deleted it it was saved by watchful internet users and have now been uploaded many times to internet. Just like they did with the video were they claimed that the Salomon building (WTC7) had collapsed 20 minutes before it actually happened. That video have also been deleted from BBC's archives.

1 comment:

  1. Good find my Goyim friends. I tried to copy vid on Chrome, most of it didn't have English subtitles. On Mozilla, beautiful but bloody weird. Must delete that one and perform a scan.

    Anyway, too much fighting going on around where MH17 came down, investigators unable to begin their forensic investigations. I suppose Kiev is saying crime site needs to be secured by us (Washington's Puppet) before any legitimate investigation can take place. Either way, the way this whole thing is being sliced there isn't going to be an investigation just a whitewash.

    You only need to understand who benefits from this to know who did it.

    Forensic investigation...reminds me of UA93. Remind me what did they establish there?


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