May 22, 2021

Freedom Rally in Squamish BC Live with Press For Truth!

 Freedom Rally in Squamish BC Live with Press For Truth! 

Dan Dicks

The best part starts at 1:26:00 with Owen Owen Owen, followed by Dan Dicks.



  1. We all need women telling us what to do. LOL

  2. Some days ago a (Fast)-"Talker" Quipped that: you DON'T give a Loaded-Uzi to a 9-Year-Old!

    --> I retorted: Muhh-'Freedoms'! -- What about "... Shall NOT be infringed." -- DON'T "you" UNDERSTAND !!! :-o


  3. A MAN "needs" a Woman "TELLING" him What-to-DO ...

    Like a Fish "needs" a bicycle !!! ;-)

  4. A Logic-Endowed Man ...

    "needs" a Woman's Shrill-Hysteric-"Nagging" ...

    Like a Lion "needs" a Hyena Bothering Him!


  5. A MAN "needs" a Woman's Nagging ...

    Like a "Russian" "needs" a Partially-Loaded-Revolver ...

    Pointed-at his-head, and the Trigger-Pulled MULTIPLE Times! :-o


  6. "A MAN "needs" a Woman's Nagging ...

    Like ................!"

    Come-On all of you "smarties" Out-There ...

    --> How would YOU:

    Humorously-FINISH that Sentence !!!?



  7. A MAN "needs" a Woman's Nagging like...

    VoltMAN needs a Woman's nagging like WhatsHerFace needs advice from lying limp-wristed, hypocritical faggots like The Trudope.

    Smartie Pants

  8. Voltman needs a Nagging Woman like WhatsHerFace.

  9. Where the fuck are the regular shows at?

  10. Powers & Principalities Episode 204

    Operation Scorpio

    Inside The Eye Live

  11. Looks like you know where they are! LOL

    1. Why are Canadians such snarky shitheads? Serious question.

    2. See I'm not alone in this assessment. On 4chan they call it "leaf posting".

  12. How about some serious self assessment Panz?

  13. The Hidden New World Religion - ROBERT SEPEHR

  14. Ref: RS

    I don't "Get" how he can EAT that SHIT ...

    OR how Folks can "Watch" His "Stuff" !!!


    "No Offense" ;-)

  15. “Dan Dicks” is a jewther twerp, I quit paying attention to him about ten years ago.

  16. Id had said Whatsherface before today but damn, girl got her ass knocked up. She was complaining of not being able to monetize..Oh no girl. You monetized all right . She sounds like she greasing the skids to go bye bye...hmm . Not sure i 100% buy it. why take the risk if you cant monetize? She would be missed. Gotta admire her presentation

  17. if there was ever a doubt ted cruz is a complete asshat.this is after last week told you , you need to replenish iron dome.

    Ted Cruz
    · May 22
    Yes, Colonel Vladimir Putin of the KGB is—and always has been—a communist.

    Most brutal left-wing dictators are.

    That’s why you defend them.…

  18. No problem Albert. I Like his videos or at least some of them. He has some interesting insights, no?

  19. BTW did you watch the whole video Albert? Just curious.

  20. Wow, Dicks got old and now he looks like a boomer, lol

  21. By 2025 Jewnited States will be a dirty 3rd world melting pot with lots of fun

  22. By 2025 Canada will be a colony of communist china with lots of 'white' slave workers

  23. I Skipped some of the Beginning-Food (I am a Milk-Butter-Vegetarian 41 Years)...
    To maybe 8minutes, and Watched-to-the-End ...

    (Probably LISTENED! -- I HATE Being-FORCED to WATCH-the-Screen while LISTENING! -- I WATCH "Flat-Earth-British" SLIDE-shows MUTED! -- While LISTENING to Talkers! ;-)

    Some "Gnostic"-Stuff about Communing-DIRECTLY-With-God ...

    ANYONE Can DO this !!! :-)

    TALK to God

    BOW to God

    OFFER with Bell Bowing and Prayers ALL of Ones Lovingly-Prepared-PURE-Milk-Vegetarian Food-Preparations to God

    Pray to God

    Think of God

    And At Night just-before Going-to-Sleep:

    THANK: God, and Our Guardian-Angels (and my Father too) ...

    WHO really "KNOWS" "History" etc...

    BUT the BEAUTIFUL: Previous-Epoch Buildings, some Fairytales, and Wonderful-Sleeping-DREAMS ...

    And ("Black-Sun"-God-the-Fa[r]ther)-God are THERE for EVERYONE to SEE and Contact!

    I Listened-To the Latest "Blackpilled"-Stream With the First-Commentary on: TV-Show-"SPECIALS"!

    Yes ... MANY TIMES "Watching" "Humorous" (((TV)))-"Entertainment"... -- I felt: "Cringe" or at-Least: THIS is NO-FUN at-All!!!

    That VOICE-inside-of-US !!!

    SOME of Folks "AVERSION"-to-the-TRUTH ...

    Is (((TRAINED)))-Hatred-Aversion to LISTENING to THAT VOICE-Inside ...

    Quite-a-Bit of "Cognitive-Dissonance" ...

    IS that Inner-VOICE of REASON / TRUTH !!! :-o

    As I SLEEP I chant:

    Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna,
    Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare,
    Hare Rama, Hare Rama,
    Rama Rama, Hare Hare ...

    (Hence: NICE DREAMS!;-)

    GOLD "Hare" / Radharani ... is the Sun
    WHITE (Bala)-Rama ... is the Moon
    and: (Bluish / Dark / Hidden) Vishnu / Krishna ...

    --> Is "Black-Sun" "God-the-Father" BEYOND-the-Dome: in-(Caelis)-Heaven

    (I have "caught" a few Freemason Two-Pillar Depictions Showing:

    MOON on Our Left, SUN on Our Right ...

    And, ABOVE the Dome, in the Center the "Black-Sun"

    On Some of the OLD-Russian "Church"-Buildings

    The GOLD-Radiant-TRIANGLE ... SEEMS to Depict:

    God-the-FATHER (or Maybe Referenced as: "The Trinity"?)

    🌝 🌚 🌞

    Yes, Some of Your Links, DON'T "Grab"-Me ... as much, as Others! ;-)

    You have the Ability / "Filter" to "Sift-Through" Stuff that I Find Too "vexatious" !!! ;-)

  24. Check these out Albert ;)

    Chris Van Matre and Cami Knodel - 2 Suns

    Looking At The 2nd Sun With Chris Van Matre

    The two suns

    How Might the Sun Work on a Flat Earth?

    What causes the earth's heat

  25. The Sun We do not See – Polarization Test with a Solar Telescope

  26. Thanks for Being such a Caring-Person Chainsaw !!! :-)

    (It sure "beats" being called-names by so many of the Other Posters !!! ;-)

    HERE is a picture / depiction which is along what I was trying to Describe! :-)


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