June 21, 2021

The Brizer Show 2021.06.14

Brizer's featured guest was: Amandha Vollmer.

Cornwall Stream



  1. This was your best show ever Brizer.
    It was interesting seeing how you gradually threw over the germ theory in your own life through your own investigation.
    Amandha's psychological assessment of humanity in general, was excellent.
    I have long thought that the masses are so vacuous that they love the drama of the idiot box narrative.
    Yes it is a big, evil and destructive soap opera.
    Most humans definitely refuse to take responsibility for anything and love to project their garbage on others.
    Pathetic really.....
    Withdrawing from it is a good move.
    It is hard to stay strong and not break.
    Amandha how about moving to BC?
    Land near Clearwater beckons...

  2. ..since pathogens do exist and transmission and propagation of microorganisms easily can be shown I will listen to this program and all the "germ theory is wrong"-think going around.. ..generally it is a very keen and clever operation to throw in arguments that have a false end and then get us in the "truth movement to bit on it and propagate that it could be an interesting exercise (a military term ain't it?) to evaluate someone biting into a popular "germ theory is false claim" widely cited: a "Dr Kaufman" (I have no idea if it was mentioned in the program and as stated I do will listen to the show to make my own observations so this comment s more on "germ theory criticism" rather than the show at this point) ..so ..evaluate how come clint> richard-son will make this summary on his long examination of Dr Kaufman.. :

    "The purpose of this research project is to refute and put to sleep the popular, socially harmful meme that:

    Viruses and indeed “germs” don’t exist, because apparently they don’t stand up to Koch’s postulates on bacteria.
    Viruses are actually spawned internally, such as exosomes, and somehow appear inside the body (terrain) without external forces.
    Therefore, the non-scientifically induced conclusion from these unproven ideas is that “Germ theory” is false. This loose paradigm is most often an attribution based off of a non-scientific, faith-based debate between germ theory and terrain theory."


    "Grammar/Base level" - "the words we use to talk on a subject" (who, what, where, when)
    "Logic/connecting the dots" - "how" the well defined and clear meaning words and questions of the base level connect in observable reality as we know and as the "instrument-eyes/vision-to-study-the-base-level" interconnect. ..thus "how"..
    "Rhetoric/reason-for-argument-and-winning-the-eye-of-attention" - the "why"-level should display the stringent purpose* and goal of what we aim to utilize as true meaning of the result of these three level circuit tying it back to the base level for "check up"..

    *(truth and reality or deception is up to the purpose of the conveyer)

    A well meaning intention is often times good ..if so a willingness to be correct4ed if shown wrong from a purpose of viewing the tools of reasoning as above as a fruitful effort to deal with and observe reality ..whom exist without a single word ..and just is ..no matter how much we "speak it into (the wish of "our" existence).. ..in proverbs to be quite in the assembly of wise men if a fools tongue would reveal once ignorance is an astute reminder of to challenge oneself for "yet a round in the utilization of reasoning with critical thinking" ..so lest be known that many men know an awful lot but no man knows everything..

    ..also ..the word unknown tells you to grasp your world from what you do know and use it and its tools/words to incorporate the unknown to be recollected and learned for greater wisdom if so need be..

  3. Please let us know what you think when you have listened to it.
    I think it is more about the positive actions you can take while out of the fray at a totally different level and the psychology of mass insanity.
    Stop giving it your energy and do the things that you like to do.
    Ignore the soap opera
    I like Clint Richardson.
    Last I heard, however, he was promoting the virus is real theory.
    Has he changed his views?
    If you are still into the germ theory controversy, you might like this.


    Very well put together.
    He is a Krishna in England and hates joos.
    I am not a Krishna but he posts some great footage.
    Kaufman and Cowan are both featured

  4. I wonder if Clint Richardson has training in molecular biology and healing?
    I like his law stuff but he is way out of his league in this field and should shut up
    It ruins his credibility.
    Comments will be read more often it they are short and sweet not soporific.

    1. I was quite impressed with Clint's writings until he dumped a huge turd into the punch bowl by saying that the phrase "keep and bear arms" referred not to weapons but to heraldry and coats of arms. Beyond absurd!!

  5. We should stop referring to lessons like this as "good show" etc. This is not American Idol or Who wants to be a whatever.....How about Presentation or even better - Learning !?

  6. A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, n'est-ce pas?
    Is it what we call it or its content that really counts?
    What really matters?
    Is it less because of what we name it?
    It was a great learning.
    What did you learn exactly Marillion?
    Don't keep it to yourself now....
    Please feel free to share your insights.
    After all you're right, it's not the Ed Sullivan Show after all.


  7. "Over the last several months we have requested from the Center of Disease Control (CDC) evidence for the isolation and existence for the any and all viruses, including CoV - 2 and 19, MERS, Influenza, Polio, Measles, HIV, XMRV, HTLV-1, HTLV-III/LAV, HPV, Ebola, Zika, just to name a few of the so-called viruses, disclosed under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)."

    "These written requests were made by Ms. Christine Massey to CDC/ATSDR FOIA Chief Officer Mr. Robert Andoh, to locate and deliver ANY records, research and/or findings for ANY "viral" isolation and purification (by anyone, anywhere, anytime in the World) from a patient sample via maceration, filtration and/or the use of an ultracentrifuge or what is called the 'Gold Standard' for isolating and identifying a pathological micro or nana organism."

    Nothing to see here, just trust the truth movement, which is as constipated as an opium addict.


  8. Not just 100,000 Euros on offer from Stefan Lanka but $5,000,000 on offer from Robert O. Young to prove existence of a contagious virus. I guess the truth movement does not need the money.


  9. https://www.drrobertyoung.com/post/university-of-western-australia-no-record-of-isolation-or-purification-of-cov-by-anyone-ever

  10. I believe that all plagues were the result of poisonings
    Is that the jist of the movie?

  11. Guess. Grizz is dead. Its been an honor all. Ill even miss my lovers spats with Unknown. Maybe someday it will breath life again. Scorpio be careful when you come back here. Degooged phone might save ya.Thanks for finally bringing up CLO2 in your last. No need for the jooish 401k plan aka, insurance with that . ill keep looking. Maybe someday youll work your way to our fine city ruled by Admiral Akbar. Its no where as bad as you hear. Just think huge out door beer garden in the summer. Albert no doubt ill still stop around read your code .Peace out all

  12. Did anyone but myself and Liam actually listen to this excellent program?

  13. a QUESTION to: Brizer,



    or ANYONE Else too !!!

    PLEASE give me the LINK to DETAILS of:

    Edward Jenner killing: 20 and 21 year old son and stepson !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    --> I CAN'T FIND ANYTHING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-o

    (Also links to Bill-Gate's PATENT(?) on New-Financial-System based upon DATA ?)

  14. Mami's shit became just shit a no new posts !!!

  15. Did you listen to this talk Adolph?

  16. Sinead brings up Graham Hart towards the end here.


    I don't have an opinion other than an observation that Kyle Hunt's show was taken off at the time of new shows appearing. What I know about that is just rumor.

  17. Graham Hart is a minor portion of this talk and basically a news update.

  18. I'm still waiting for Panzerfaust to prove viruses exist and take that 100k off Stefan Lanka.
    If he believes viruses exist then surely in his mind Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy also exist because somebody told him so....a jew in a white coat maybe.
    Or maybe he is just blinded with fake science lol.

  19. ahhemm !!!

    ... I THINK: Drowning-(((doctors))) is ... "Anti-Semitic" !!! ;-)

  20. @ Panzer - Prove a negative - ROFLMAO - Thanks for the entertainment.
    Maxim - "He who makes the claim must prove the claim"
    Take the money Panzer, don't you need it?
    In live blood analysis, red blood cells morph into, what looks like Anthrax bacteria, which morphs into fungi in the body, this has been proven, but nobody wants to know, LOL.
    A doctor who CURES cancer and both diabetes type 1 and 2 is jailed for 3 + 1/2 years, serves 6 months cause he bows down as did Graham Hart, which is the best choice to incarceration for one's loved ones. There is no justice, we are on a pirate ship and we will walk the plank at the captain's direction. Yes, even in the land-of-the-free.

  21. Hi Liam ! Panzer has spent most of his life voluntarily being Gov't property.Not an occult slavelike most of humanity, but a proud military man from a military family. He is not a bigger picture guy. He is a minutia man and when pressured on his position, has nothing, but resorting to calling you jew. Like a few others here.

  22. Hi Chains. How you do?
    I sent this to a business associate who, is somewhat compliant as he, has a young family and does not want issues. Sound familiar?

    We are being lied to and our children will pay the price.
    The extent of the lies are that some, possibly, well-meaning folk are spreading more lies, they themselves are convinced are true.

    I am now convinced that 95% of ALL medical, especially socialised medicine, is unreliable and that they have very little true knowledge of how a man's body works. Surely, it is no revelation that what happens in a feckin petri dish is NOT the same as happens in a man's body.

    This, from another south sea Celt, is months old, but food for thought, you having the appetite and the ability;

  23. @ Liam

    "I sent this to a business associate who, is somewhat compliant as he, has a young family and does not want issues. Sound familiar?"

    LOL it does indeed!

    "We are being lied to and our children will pay the price.
    The extent of the lies are that some, possibly, well-meaning folk are spreading more lies, they themselves are convinced are true."

    Yes my faith in humanity has dropped quite a bit since this "pandemic" has got into full swing. It illustrates the psychology that our masters  have mastered over us. When you look at  level of PR  Edward Bernays was able to initiate 100 years ago it's no surprise the ruling elite were paying close attention or he could have been lacky front man. Nothing would surprise me anymore. Either way, cultural/social change has been orchestrated ever since.  

    "I am now convinced that 95% of ALL medical, especially socialised medicine, is unreliable and that they have very little true knowledge of how a man's body works. Surely, it is no revelation that what happens in a feckin petri dish is NOT the same as happens in a man's body."

    Very true Liam. I do not know what the actual truth is . I do dot dismiss any of it though. It is well documented that infection has been injected from one patient into another with no transmission.  I recently listened to Robert O. Young on One Radio network. It was a good show. Then I bought his book The pH Miracle. I'm going to check out your link. Take care my man!

    Oh BTW I moved several years back and in order to get a provincial medical card I needed to re-apply! The whole application was in Dog Latin. I could not believe it. I couldn't do it.
    cut my leg with a cutting wheel a year later and needed about 20 staples. I had no valid medical card. Somehow they were able to accommodate me :) As I recall they wanted my driver's licence :)

  24. Here is the link to The Dr Robert O Young interview recently on One Radio Network.


  25. Howdy!
    Where do you live in Canada?

  26. Chains, that was a good show with Patrick Timpone, who I think is alot smarter than a small child or a golden retriever, lol.

    Looking closely and listening more closely, between-the-lines, of this one, which of these two individuals would you take health advice from?

    On another, what do you make of David-Wynn: Miller?

    Why would Ben Franklin, (an esquire?), want to be, and be, Postmaster General and not president. Where be the Power?
    We have been sold a bill of goods, but we did not get the "Bill of Lading" from the Harbourmaster.

    "As I recall they wanted my driver's licence :)"
    So they got the money, or debt/liability was discharged, in a system that only has form, as in, no substance.


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