Saturday, August 29, 2015

Zionism in Britain: A Neglected Chronicle

If The Jews Are Against Him? That makes Him More Electable than *any* of the others!
Jeremy Corbyn is a longtime British Labour MP, hitherto little known outside Britain. Following the resignation of Labour leader Ed Miliband, Corbyn is one of four MPs who have nominated in the leadership contest, currently subject to ballot amongst Party members and supporters until 10 September.
Corbyn has been subject to a tsunami of criticism and abuse since his nomination, providing abundant evidence on the odious character of the current British political establishment and on the farce that is curiously labeled "the democratic process".
Moreover, Corbyn, supporter of the Palestinian cause, has experienced full guns blazing from official British Jewry. On 12 August, the Jewish Chronicle broadsided with ‘The key questions that Jeremy Corbyn must answer’. With the emphasis on ‘must’...

Daryl Bradford Smith's The French Connection 8/27/2015

Daryl Bradford Smith With Muhammad Rafeeq.

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Truth Jihad radio with Kevin Barrett 2015.08.28

Dr. Mary Ruwart on health & freedom; Patrick Henningsen on shootings

First hour: Dr. Mary Ruwart thinks freedom is healthy. She argues that FDA regulations are killing millions. Dr. Ruwart is the author of Healing Our World: In an Age of Aggression and enjoys a reputation as one of America's notable libertarians.

Second hour: Patrick Henningsen of 21st Century Wire wonders how many of the "another day, another mass shooting" events are false flags. Recent events, including the Paris train shooting and the Virginia newscaster shooting, have raised the usual questions about whether Operation Gladio ever ended.

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Friday, August 28, 2015

Photographer Travels Through Time By Inserting Herself Into Her Childhood Photos

London-based Japanese photographer Chino Otsuka explores the harsh truth of time lapse in her highly nostalgic and heartwarming series “Imagine Finding Me”. Otsuka took old photos from her childhood and adolescence and put pictures of her present self in them, creating bittersweet double self-portraits.
The work was done marvelously well. The two figures seems so natural being together in cool melancholy, as if the artist has gone back in time to meet her younger self.

“The digital process becomes a tool, almost like a time machine, as I’m embarking on the journey to where I once belonged and at the same time becoming a tourist in my own history,” said the photographer.

Full article and pics here 

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Spingola and Friends 8/27/2015

Deanna talks about George W. Bush, TMAP, psych drugs, corporatocracy, Medicare and Medicaid, economic assault on the country, etc. View her Sandy Hook Research page. Deanna also uses information from her book, Screening Sandy Hook, Causes and Consequences.
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*Adolf Hitler Mega-post
*9/11 Mega-post
The New Babylon - PDF
Who Controls America?


The Shooting Epidemic, We Can't Stop Laughing

Mainstream Media Hoax laugh compilation.

A common thread throughout these major mass media events involving brutal murder and multiple victims is the fact that survivors and bystanders often times find the circumstances quite amusing, even at times breaking out into fits of hysterical laughter. I've provided a few examples here.

Hoax Busters Call's You Tube


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Overthrow Radio Network: fake and retracted scientific studies 8/28/2015 - The Farm radio talk show

Chris Petherick will be joined by Jim Spounias, the president of Carotec, a health and wellness company, to take an in-depth look at the growing number of doctored, totally fake, and retracted scientific studies that have been getting a great deal of publicity lately.            Show-page       
The Barnes Review


Virginia Shooting Hoax: Vester Lee Flanagan II Staged For Gun Control Exposed (Redsilverj)

Truth Jihad radio with Kevin Barrett 2015.08.28

Martin Hill on summer travels, Rolf Lindgren on 2016 presidential race

First half hour: Martin Hill of talks to Kevin about summer travels (Martin went to Europe while Kevin & family drove their '94 Nissan Quest on a 7,000 mile =10,000 kilometer Charlie Hebdo Book Tour).

Intermission: Kevin calls B'nai Brith Canada to try to find out why they tried to shut down the book talks in Jasper and Edmonton.

Second half hour: Rolf Lindgren discusses the presidential race, noting the meteoric rise of Trump and predicting his equally meteoric fall. Rolf still thinks Rand Paul will win the presidency; he predicts Martin O'Malley as the Democratic nominee.

Kevin's blog

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David Duke Show 2015.08.28

Dr. Duke talked about the amazing past week, covering both the incredible inroads he has been making as well as the tragic on-air shooting in Virginia. His programs with Tommy Sotomayor have exposed countless numbers of African Americans to the true David Duke, and his reception has been overwhelmingly positive.
Dr. Slattery pointed out that so many of the concerns expressed by Mr. Sotomayor regarding the plight of the black community have actually been discussed frequently on the David Duke show. This should dispel the Zio-media depiction of him as a "white supremacist" and bolsters his claim to be a true human rights activist.
This show, as well as the shows with Mr. Sotomayor, have enormous potential to open new eyes to the truths talked about on this show.
Davids' site
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Radio 3 Fourteen August 26, 2015

Nikki Jago - Western Woman Problems
Nikki joins us for a conversation about White women and motherhood. She begins by sharing the story of her experience dealing with a pediatrician who was pushing the noxious Similac formula for her infant, and what happened when Nikki decided to take charge of her daughter’s health by making her own baby food. We discuss natural remedies for common health problems and the benefits of preserving the primordial family structure. We also consider the importance of teaching our children about their heritage, and how to get around the anti-White propaganda that is pushed in the media and public schools. Nikki talks about her awakening to the war on European people, along with the politically correct cultural Marxist programming that is driving women away from fulfilling their natural motherly instincts. We reflect on the perverted imagery of pagan women and European sisterhood, and Nikki describes how she has managed to maintain a tightknit bond amongst her sisters and women folk. We end with thoughts on upholding harmony and balance in patriarchal and matriarchal relationships, and what it takes for families to achieve optimal physical, mental and spiritual health.


Radio 3 Fourteen on Red Ice Creations

A View from the Bog

Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2015.08.28

Who does the bible say raised Christ from the dead?

All Nationalist Association
American Nationalist Network (BlogTalk)


Radio Wehrwolf - News from the Jews 8/26/2015

Dion discusses the Glenn Miller trial, and a little about his background. Then he will go into the very recent live broadcasted shooting in Virginia. Also the Pope says European countries refusing immigrants is "an act of war".

Uncensored, hard hitting commentary and historical perspective on the current events affecting the U.S. and Western civilization.
Radio Wehrwolf Archive
Radio Wehrwolf Web-Site

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No Agenda Episode 751 - "Funny Blow" - 2015.08.27

TODAY; TV Shooter; Caliphate!; Wes Clark 7; Big Pharma; Trains Good, Planes Bad; MIC; CYBER!; Words Metter; Ashley MAdison; Agenda 21; Out There; EuroLand; F-Russia; War on Weed; Cecile the Lion; IRS; BUGS!; Earon; War on Men; Drone Nation; Bullying; Ministry of Truth, and all your usual listening whilst watching a woman with a great ass clip-clop away from a white hand firing Blanks  from a Glock in her high-Heels favourites.

The Thursday Show



Jeff Rense Radio Show - 2015.08.27

Listen  Download  Hour 1 - Devvy Kidd - America In Tatters

Listen  Download  Hour 2 - Larry Nichols - How To Fix It

Listen  Download  Hour 3 - Jim Marrs - The View From Marrs

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Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Debate – Subverting Syria Sovereignty (August 27th)

Obama Pushes for ISIS War Resolution - New World Next Week

McDonalds Minion Happy Meal Toy Is "Swearing" Exposed (Redsilverj)

Hoax Busters John Adams Afternoon Commute August 26, 2015

Hoax Busters John Adams Afternoon Commute.
Hosted by: Chris From OK

Episode Notes: John and Chris' second conversation with Andrei Znamenski , author of Red Shambhala: Magic, Prophecy, and Geopolitics in the Heart of Asia.
We discuss the misunderstanding of the beliefs of Tibetan Buddhism and religions in general in modern times, The New Age use of Tibetan Buddhism, The use of religions in particular time periods and their ultimate internally orchestrated destruction. Why and how is this done? Is it happening now with today's dominant religions to make way for Tibetan Buddhism?
Theosophy, Nicholas Roerich, Helena Blavatsky, Buddhism in America, Buddhism and Alchemy, Modern Buddhism, The Unification of Religions, CIA involvement, Communism, Communist Utopian Ideals, The Kalachakra, Dalai Lama


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John Adams's Recommended Reading List

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1996 Olympic Park Bombing Hoax Part 2

This early hoax was easy to spot and like other modern day hoaxes , it's filled with lies and propaganda.

Stackpot's You Tube


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