Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Joe Rogan Experience - Michael Ruppert 2011.12.27

PODCAST #170 - Michael Ruppert, Brian Redban from JoeRogan on Vimeo.

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Texe Marrs - Why Are the Jews Compelled to be Destroyers

The Host and the Parasite ”Why Are the Jews Compelled to be Destroyers?

Texe Marrs interviews Greg Felton, journalist and author of the books, The Host and the Parasite and Exploding Middle East Myths. Throughout history, in every nation in which Jews gained a foothold after being welcomed, they have eventually been expelled. Why? Is it because of anti-Semitism or rather, has persecution come because the Jews proved to be parasite and destroyers of their host society? What is there about the Jews that even caused the Apostle Paul 2,000 years ago to declare they are “contrary to all men and Jesus to denounce the House of Israel as followers of Satan and workers of darkness?   Download

Mike Rivero - What Really Happened 2012.01.03

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The National Intel Report with John Stadtmiller 2012.01.03

Guest: Bob Chapman -- TheInternationalForecaster.com
The Iowa Caucus is tonight, so John, Bob, and callers discuss the candidates, their positions, and the mainstream-media hype for their darlings.

The second hour features a rare departure for John from the current events: a general expose of the history of the N.W.O. through clips of their own words. Caller topics include currencies and presidential candidates.    Download

Jeff Rense Radio Show - 2012.01.02

Listen  Download  Hour 1 - Michel Chossudovsky - Global Research And Analysis

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Listen  Download  Hour 3 - Michael Collins - Fukushima Radiation In America