Monday, April 7, 2014

RJ exposes himself 4.7.2014

My take on the recent saga. My stance, point of view and an explanation that everyone is gonna be interested in. This reply is genuine. RJ


David Duke Show 2014.04.07

Today: Dr. David Duke has a fascinating program on the African American journalist, talk show host from WREG in Memphis who interviewed David Duke during his controversial Klan days almost 40 years ago. The current host of the show asked her on her 89th birthday who was your favorite person in all your years as a talk show host to interview and she said rally two, Billy Graham and David Duke, and then she went on to talk about how much she was impressed by David Duke. David Duke addresses the issue of the KKK that the media always brings up in association to Dr. Duke, a group he left over 37 years ago. A good discussion commences with Dr. Slattery and discussion of double standards on the past and present of major people, such as Zionist murderers and of course the media-sainted Nelson Mandela, who is never identified as former Communist and member of a terrorist cell in South Africa. Pretty interesting when you consider that no one in Dr. Duke's group was ever charged with any violence and Dr. Duke has always condemned it. Double standards teach us who really run the media! Great show! Share and make videos of it

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Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2014.04.07

Exposing the Jew god in all its glory part 8.

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Adolf Hitler The Hidden Facts About His Reign
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