July 16, 2013

Rally In Akron, Ohio (Mississppi) For Trayvon Martin

The News Deception

The News has been lying all these years pushing wars,horrible presidential candidates and justifying tyranny..
*Twisted Truths*

Fighting The Trans-Pacific Partnership - Nile Bowie on GRTV

The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement is a proposed free trade bloc involving twelve Asia-Pacific countries, including the world's first and third largest economies. As delegates prepare to descend on Kuala Lumpur for the next round of secretive negotiations, Malaysia-based journalist Nile Bowie joins us to discuss the proposed treaty and its ramifications. Find out more in this week's GRTV Feature Interview.

On The Warning Track - July 14, 2013

More discussion on Pastor John Hagees' new "The Coming Four Blood Moons" end times teaching. Which if studied closely, seems to have eliminated the so-called Rapture event (to rescue Christians) before the dreaded end time tribulation period of Christian mythology. This program we discuss particularly the rebuilding of the third Jewish Temple.          Show-page


Spingola Special 2013.07.16

Elaine Hollingsworth, Director, Hippocrates Health Centre of Australia and the author of Take Control of your Health and Escape the Sickness Industry

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Obama hypocrite of century

The new owners of Hostess have leaner operating costs now that they're no longer using unionized workers.

Now we understand why they killed the company then brought it back. To get rid of people earning a LIVING WAGE and replacing them with slave-wages. Shut the company down; fire everybody; restart company; keep union out. Bingo. You are making more money than ever and the same workers now have to contend with wages that cannot ever support a minimal life, EVER. And this is how it is done these days.


Obama’s New Executive Order: Doctors to Screen All Individuals Ages 15 to 65 Years for HIV


By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, and in order to further strengthen the capacity of the Federal Government to effectively respond to the ongoing domestic HIV epidemic, it is hereby ordered as follows: 

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Scott Horton 2013.07.15

First interview John Glaser

John Glaser, a writer for Antiwar.com and The Washington Times discusses his article “In Syria, U.S. Arms Go To Pro-Assad Militias and Jihadists;” why Israel’s attacks on Syria are war crimes; and why – by process of elimination – US strategy in Syria must be to weaken Syrian allies Iran and Russia. (Duration: 30:59 — 7.1MB)

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Second interview Cori Crider

Cori Crider, a Guantanamo attorney and Strategic Director for Reprieve, discusses the report “Down the Tubes: The 2013 Hunger Strike at Guantanamo Bay;” why the Guantanamo prisoners have resorted to starving themselves to death; the military’s efforts to break the hunger strike; the government’s video response to rapper Mos Def’s demonstration of force-feeding; and why Obama won’t take action to close Guantanamo. (Duration: 31:30 — 7.2MB)

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The Heretics' Hour 2013.07.15

Racial Politics in the Aftermath of the Zimmerman Verdict

Carolyn and  Tanstaafl discuss the situation for Whites in light of  the insane, unhinged-from-reality presentation of  “martyred Trayvon” that is being projected in the media (such as the Daily News cover at right). Tan comes on in the 2nd hour; in the first hour Carolyn talks about the botched NSU trial in Germany and the Zionist-Globalist program to destroy White racial and ethnic identity. Some highlights:
  • German govt. invents “right-wing, neo-nazi” dangers to keep Germans “thinking European”;
  • Hungary tells IMF to close its Budapest office;
  • Berliners protest new “Home for Asylum Seekers” while President Gauck says they will help maintain living standards;
  • U.S. Whites now minority in under-five age group;
  • Blacks identify racially and make no apologies for it;
  • Solution is to separate Whites, Blacks and Jews – it’s time to say so;
  • Inappropriate comments about Trayvon Martin made by black Attorney General Holder and President Obama;
  • John from Mississippi calls at the end of the hour.
Image: Shocking cover of the New York Daily News links the thug wannabe Martin to a list of black “martyrs” of the civil rights movement. The first line of the story reads:  “Trayvon Martin, an African-American killed in an attack seen by many as racially motivated, is just the latest name in a sad roll call.”

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The Kevin Barrett Show 2013.07.16

Guest: Richard Gage founder of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth; and Pam Senzee of 911JourneyForTruth.org.
The Rethink911 global ad and grassroots action campaign is set to raise a 54′ high billboard in Times Square for the entire month of September! Nearly a million people a day are expected to see this sign about World Trade Center 7 – that’s nearly 30 million views by months end! When we factor in the other 10 major cities around the world doing similar advertising throughout September – we’re talking about hundreds of millions of views by October first!”
Richard Gage and Pam Senzee – like me – are not about to let go of this issue. I’m looking forward to seeing some ReThink911 ads go up – and to seeing Richard at the Sheraton Hotel overlooking the Pentagon, when the DC911Truth conference convenes on the weekend after 9/11/2013!

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Man found in Disney World hotel awakens with amnesia

ORLANDO, Florida. (AP) — Doctors are looking into the mystery of a Louisiana man who awoke speaking only French Canadian, with no memory of his past, after he was found unconscious four months ago at a Disney World hotel.

Stephen Zapoper, 48, woke up with amnesia, calling himself Jean-Paul Mousseau, The Orlando Sun reported.

Zapoper was found unconscious in a Disney World hotel room in Orlando in February. After police arrived, he was transported to the Orlando Regional Medical Center where he woke up.

Zapoper's wife and 7 kids was overjoyed Saturday when they were given the news that their daddy is alive and doing much better.

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Spingola Speaks 2013.07.16

Guest: Hans Krampe, a translator and contributor to Warwolves of the Iron Cross: The Hyenas of High Finance

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David Duke Show 2013.07.16

Today: Dr. David Duke and James Edwards of the Political Cesspool discuss the vital issues presented by Dr. Duke's new book, The Secret Behind Communism, and then they go into the Zimmerman case and the new video by Dr. Duke called: How the Media incites Violence and Racism in the Zimmerman Case. A really powerful and exciting program by two of the most articulate spokesmen on these two issues -- in all the world!

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Government Will Not Save You From Corporations

Journalists and political partisans have expressed the mistaken presumption that government is a "balancing force" against the excess powers of corporations. This video explains that most excess power of corporations is provided and granted by government and that government seeks partnership with corporations and shares in the profits. This "public-private partnership" is so advanced that the public interest is no longer a primary concern of government. Government is now a for-profit operation serving itself at the expense of the public interest. Link

HAARP Facility Shuts Down

Headed for the scrapheap?
The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) — a subject of fascination for many hams and the target of conspiracy theorists and anti-government activists — has closed down. HAARP’s program manager, Dr James Keeney at Kirtland Air Force Base in New Mexico, told ARRL that the sprawling 35-acre ionospheric research facility in remote Gakona, Alaska, has been shuttered since early May. (arrl.org)

In Texas, Tampons Are A Bigger Threat Than Guns According To The Capitol Police

Weapon Of Mess Destruction?
Texas makes no secret of the war being waged on women, declaring feminine hygiene products off-limits at the Texas state Capitol building.
As the Texas senate gets ready for a second vote on the stifling and unreasonable abortion bill, women of all walks of life are making their way into the building, gathering in support of their cause. But those entering the building have seen their tampons and maxi pads confiscated. The reason? To avoid disruption of the vote due to these feminine hygiene products being thrown at the Senators. (addictinginfo.org).

Israel lobby tries (and fails) to intimidate another UK MP

Manipulation of British Politics By the Jews and their Helpers continues apace.
Here we go again.
On 8 July British MP ‘Battling’ Bob Russell was speaking during a House of Commons debate on the national curriculum in schools. Sir Bob’s question was a “shoah slur”, screamed the Jewish Chronicle, and he immediately came under attack as reported in Jewish News. (intifada-palestine.com)

Is the US Government Planning a False Flag With UFO’s?- Project Bluebeam

Delcroix's Nightmare!....
Did you know that in china, people have created holographic UFO’s, and “flown” them over cities? The Chinese people really believed it was an alien spacecraft, it was completely indistinguishable from reality. Yes, it was a holographic “alien fighter ship”. (intellihub.com)

Justice: The American Style! Zimmerman Case.

A six-woman jury in Florida concluded Sunday that Zimmerman's fatal shooting of unarmed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin was justified, acquitting him of second-degree murder and manslaughter.
The Truth About George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin

The Victory Hour - July 13, 2013

The Victory Hour presents News and Commentary for July 13, 2013.


Jeff Rense Radio Show - 2013.07.15

Listen  Download  Hour 1 - Texe Marrs - Conspiracy Science vs Conspiracy Theories Lee harvey Oswald killed Kennedy. End of story. lol

Listen  Download  Hour 2 - Peter Davenport - Former Astronaut UFO Sighting - It turns out that it was his own wife.

Listen  Download  Hour 3 - Michael Collins - Fukushima Radiation Over US - From Hong Kong - Yoichi Shimatsu - It's the end of the world and I like it.

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