Monday, September 3, 2012

The National Intel Report with John Stadtmiller 2012.09.03

Guest: Ron MacDonald

John and ron talk about the end of unions do to the deindustrialization of America and the history of laborday. A regular caller named Barry calls in and explains how to abuse your kids and not get caught, and leaves John and Ron scratching their heads in disbelief.  lol


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Mike Rivero - What Really Happened 2012.09.03

Now Hiring Blog Posters - Get Paid Immediately! ;Norway writes down 90% of populations mortgage debt;30 AUGUST 201 Economic Violence: Verizon screws customers with refurb phones & quasi criminal contracts.;Maine Delegation In Unison Walks Out Of Republican National Convention After Ron Paul Tribute;Michael Steele: "What the RNC did to Ron Paul was the height of rudeness and stupidity.";100% Proof US Elections Are Staged: RNC Teleprompter Had Vote Result Before Vote Was Taken;Neo-Con Rudy Giuliani: Ron Paul is 'dangerous on foreign policy';Jim Rogers - None of the candidates have clue except Ron Paul;Ron Paul Renounces GOP As Keynesians, ‘NOT HIS PARTY’- Independent Run Imminent?;Very Important - Ron Paul has to hear "People want him to run, Independently" He doesn't know the amount of people for him... I got this from the Conference call;Now Mitt Romney's former firm Bain Capital faces Attorney General investigation over dodging MILLIONS in taxes;Republican Platform Calls for Value-added Tax Scheme;Veterans Demanded That Flag With President Obama's Face be Taken Down From Florida Democratic HQ;Bernanke's Latest: LSAP Replaces QE;Credit card lending sees biggest drop in six years as consumers pay off debts;Italian Government Debt Might Wreck World’s Oldest Bank;China Launching Gold Backed Worldwide Currency - Now the Americans will have to find a reason to go to war against China !!;Ulster Bank customers blast £20 compensation scheme;US disowns Israel over Iran strike: No weapons or military backup;DEBKAfile launches next stage of Netanyahu anti-Iran propaganda; Iran enriching to 65%;IAEA Report Shows Iran Reduced Its Breakout Capacity;'It shows the grittiness of war’: Mother of shot Army officer reveals why she allowed his final moments to be shown on television;Egypt: Our Submarines Are None of Israel’s Business;Hungarian government stops payments to Holocaust survivors: demands a return of payments made;Woman dies after genital kick from LAPD officer;LAPD Commanding Officer "Downgraded" in Wake of Alleged Rough Arrest;Police Shoot and Kill Escaping Hostage ;The wettest and now the COLDEST! Britons left shivering as temperatures plunge to -2C ... as we braved the chilliest summer's night for 40 YEARS;Flashback: 'Frightening' projection for Arctic melt;New blockbuster paper finds man-made CO2 is not the driver of global warming ;Why Half of America May Have Impaired Brain Function by 2030 ;More vaccine failures - Lethal poultry virus strains caused by gene-swapping vaccines;Dirty tricks: Bill Gates to target anti-vaccine advocates with smear campaign;11billion miles from home: Incredible images taken from Voyager 1 show Earth as tiny dot as the spacecraft prepares to cross solar system's final frontier into interstellar space

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9/11 Q&A

911 Q&A With Mark Dankof of

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Spingola Speaks 2012.09.03

Guest:  Dr. Andrew Maniotis

Dr. Andrew Maniotis, a Biomedical Consultant and Science Adviser, former Research Associate Professor of Bioengineering at the University of Illinois, talked about vaccine dangers. Critical analysis of an FDA document; How to Predict Epidemics; With the Stroke of a Pen

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David Duke Show 2012.09.03

Today: Dr. Duke and Dr.Kevin MacDonald have a special labor day show focusing on the destruction of the American working class as well as truly American businesses and corporations in deference to the Zionist globalists and banksters who are leading us to economic destruction, cultural degeneracy, war and hate.

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C2C - 2012.09.01

Conspiracy Theories

Host:  John B. Wells
Guests:  Brad Steiger

 Investigative writer Brad Steiger joined John B. Wells to examine conspiracy theories, debunk popular myths, and present evidence for an invisible world controlled by the elite. "Conspiracists believe that everything is connected, nothing happens by accident, and that there's some kind of order in the world, even if that order is evil," Steiger said. He noted that conspiracies abound in contemporary America because of a general distrust of the government forged through decades of truth spinning and lies. For instance, Steiger pointed to questionable and sometimes altogether fictitious intelligence reports that have been used to justify wars in various places around the world, such as Vietnam and Iraq. Such deceptions have created a cynical and alienated citizenry that is extremely skeptical of the motivations of those in power, he added. And there may be more good reasons to distrust the government and question official stories.

According to Steiger, in the 1950s the Department of Defense detonated nuclear devices in several desert areas and then monitored unsuspecting civilians downwind of the blast to see how radiation affected health and mortality rates. Many of the film crew and cast of The Conqueror, including John Wayne and Susan Hayward, may have died of cancer directly caused by one of these Nevada a-bomb tests, Steiger revealed. In 1966 more than a million people in New York were exposed to germ warfare when U.S. Army scientists dropped biological agents on the city, he continued. Steiger suggested that chemtrails could be linked to weather control and that contagions in the spray may be the cause of Morgellons disease. He further noted that many individuals believe Hurricane Katrina and the Fukushima disaster were the result of weather manipulation by HAARP. Steiger also commented on the Aurora shooting and gun control conspiracy, apocalyptic thinking, and the electronic spy grid.

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The 9/11 Interview You Need To Hear

Terrorism as defined in U.S. CODE is legal for the U.S. Government.

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