January 06, 2013

Truth Militia Radio 2013.01.06

This Country is Done… It's time to Start Over.

On this episode of Truth Militia Radio, Rich & Keith will present their 1st show of 2013 with a few questions: Why do grown adults insist on celebrating New Years like children? What does the black race have to offer us? What are the effects of integration? Where is our standard of living headed? Should we rent or buy? Infiltrate the system or Drop out of Society? All of this and more...

As in the immortal words of Rich and Keith: " FUCKING GREAT SHOW!" lol

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Delcroix interviews Kyle Hunt 2013.01.04

Delcroix on a Friday, he may have a guest, he may play a pod, he may have a rant, or just read a bit... Whatever he does, he should not be missed. Tune into the dude on a friday @ Awake Radio

Delcroix is joined by Kyle Hunt for a great chat covering various topics from aerosol spraying to Jesse Owen's cubes and other esoteric wonders. Delcroix's First interview with Kyle.


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The Brizer Show 2013.01.05

Join Brizer as he welcomes various guests in the alternative media to discuss the important and wide ranging issues that affect us today.

Pastor Manning says it how he sees it when it comes to multiculturalism and how it is used to foment racism. Controversial and outspoken, Manning pulls no punches in this one hour show.

Awake Radio

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The Esoteric Hour with The Fetch 2013.01.06

The Esoteric Hour with "The Fetch" is an entertaining hour or more of Western esoteric history, philosophy, tradition, and knowledge as viewed from one of the leading Hermetic Qaballists of our time.

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Websites: illuminatusobservor.blogspot   inside the eye live
Email: thefetch@yahoo.com

Dianne Feinstein Gun Control Hypocrite


Dianne Feinstein gun ban bill

Dianne Feinstein: Thy Name Is Corruption

Failure of Gun Control


Max French's The Victory Hour Jan 5, 2013

Egeria and Max invade supremacist jewry’s Fortress Europe, showing her peoples the highway to freedom



Nights at The Roundtable 2013.01.05

Anything can happen when the floor is opened up to hosts, callers, and friends on a Saturday night.

Kyle Hunt, Mike Sledge, Lugh, Sholly, Siegfried, Greg NJ, Celtic Rebel, Callers etc.

Renegade Broadcasting

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