Friday, March 23, 2012

The National Intel Report with John Stadtmiller 2012.03.23

Guest: Texe Marrs

Texe joins us to disclose the reason why oil is rising to record prices, the economical debacle and collapse of the dollar, and his new dvd Die America, Die

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Mike Rivero - What Really Happened 2012.03.23

100th Anniversary... ...of the birth of rocket pioneer Wernher von Braun on March 23, whose enthusiasm was the key driving force that sent men to the moon and back. Intel shows Iran nuclear threat not imminent. US accuses Iran of shipping arms to Syria. The EU authorizes ground strikes in Somalia. U.S. Relaxes Limits on Use of Data in Terror Analysis. New Dinosaur, Sabre-Tooth Tiger "Extinction" Clues From Clovis Comet In Mexico.

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Texe Marrs - Power of Prophecy

12. Mitt Romney, Mormon Skullduggery, and the Hidden Hand of the Israeli Mossad
Texe Marrs interviews A. True Ott, exposing presidential candidates ties with Israel spy agency, the Mossad. Romney’s corporation, Bain, is run by an Israeli intelligence officer. Romney was given special Intel training in Israel did this prepare him as the first President of the U.S. to be a Mossad agent? Also examined: Mormon (LDS) church links to Judaism and to Israel. How will this impact Romney’s foreign policy in the White House?

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Spingola Speaks 2012.03.23

Guest: Dr. Ed Kendrick of ReDiscover 9/11

From Ed's site

Welcome to Rediscover 9/11, where “Truth is paramount, and shyness to speak it takes a backseat. In a “wilderness of lies, deception and ‘programmed conditioning” it’s very difficult to see clearly until you begin to understand the game, whom the major players are, and what their International intentions/goals are, at which point it becomes much easier to find the Truth and to spot a lie. Instantly one realizes that our mass (Zionist) mainstream media is part of the problem, as its discernable loyalties are clearly to the foreign nation of Israel and its extended Tribe. Zionist dominated mass media will do anything, and have, to protect the carefully constructed image of Israel as “victim” and “champion of democracy”, which belie it’s reality. The truth is the puppet regime of Israel is no friend of citizens of the United States. Israel is actually another tool to control the government of the United States against the will and best interests of US citizens and our cherished Constitution.

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David Duke Show 2012.03.23

Today: Dr. Duke and Ed Fields reveal the shocking racism in the governmental and media lynching of the neighborhood watchman who defended himself when he was physically attacked. Also Dr. Duke discusses the two most important, and dirt cheap ingredients that lesson your mortality by at least 40 percent compared to people who don’t take these supplements.


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Angela Stark's My Private Audio 2012.03.22

EPISODE 153 - Colin Derek

This was a great call and I learned a lot about how to deal with police and US inc

Oath 10 Questions

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Jeff Rense Radio Show - 2012.03.22

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