Friday, April 27, 2012

The National Intel Report with John Stadtmiller 2012.04.27

John is back and starts out the show saying that the fix is in and we "are" going to war with Iran. Peter Niece joins in later in the show

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Mike Rivero - What Really Happened 2012.04.27

Romanian Govt Falls in No-Confidence Vote. U.S. Firms Add Jobs, but Mostly Overseas. Ron Paul Wins 5 Delegates in Pennsylvania; Romney Officially Has Zero. Spanish Company Associated with George Soros Will "Count" Americas Votes Overseas In November. Russia voices `serious concern' over Israeli outposts. Toronto woman accused in $60M fraud against Holocaust survivor fund. Enhanced Interrogation Techniques: Little Evidence That Harsh Treatment Used By CIA Produced Any Counter-Terrorism Breakthroughs. New Secret Service scandal centers on strippers, prostitutes in El Salvador. Michelle Obama's Spain trip cost taxpayers $467k. BEAUMONT: Police officer accused of blinding woman. Mad Cow Disease: Holstein With BSE Was Euthanized After Going Lame. Infant Monkeys Given Standard Doses of Vaccines Develop Autism Symptoms.

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Spingola Speaks 2012.04.27

Guest: Veronica Clark

Veronica Clark, the author of Warwolves of the Iron Cross: The Hyenas of High Finance, Hitler and Himmler, Uncensored and other books, talked about Hitlers personality and other issues.

Veronica Clarks Website is:

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The Unsolicited Opinion with Maggie Roddin 2012.04.27

Guests: Sharon Sebastion joins me to discuss UN Agenda 21, it’s implementation worldwide and her book Darwin’s Racists Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow which can be purchased here

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Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2012.04.27

Charles explains why he will tone down the rhetoric. From now on, instead of using elite Jew pigs, he will use Jewish supremacists. He then goes into earth's history and why the official line doesn't make sense. His Jewish friend Ben calls in and talks about the Jewish problem. In the second hour, Charles takes other calls.

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Jeff Rense Radio Show - 2012.04.26

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Live Free Or Die Radio 2012.04.26

Kyle Hunt is Guest hosting for Lee Rogers and has The Celtic Rebel and Dennis Fetcho as guests.

 In the first part of the show, The Celtic Rebel and Kyle play audio clips pointing out phrases that have not so subtle gay overtones. (The Alex Jones one is hilarious) They then play clips from the Joe Rogan show who's guest is going on and on about all the Jews that were supposedly killed in WWII.

 In the second part, Kyle brings in Dennis Fetcho who explains his point of view on the gay thing and all the Jew trolls on the internet. They then take calls from gay Jew trolls. LOL The Fetch calls out Bob Tuskin about his trolling and invites him to be on his show Saturday.

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C2C - 2012.04.24

Bigfoot & The Beast of Boggy Creek
Date:      04-22-12
Host:     George Knapp
Guest:     Tom Voigt
In the middle two hours, scholar of Bigfoot history, Steven Streufert, shared history and analysis of the mysterious creature. He runs a used and antiquarian bookshop (specializing in "Sasquatchiana") in Willow Creek, California, considered the heart of the historic "Bigfoot Country,"-- the location is near where giant tracks were found in 1958, and "Bigfoot" subsequently became a household word. Willow Creek is also near where the famed Patterson-Gimlin film was shot in 1967, and Streufert has been involved in the Bluff Creek Film Site Project, which has traced the exact location of where Patterson filmed, in order to verify details about the creature, and its environment. He also participates in a Facebook group that seeks to promote the spirit of rational thinking and evidence-based Bigfoot research (in reaction to some of the more fantastical, insubstantial, or promotion-based claims made about the creature).

Streufert spoke about some of the ancient Native-American lore regarding Sasquatch, such as the beings speaking a language, as well as trading with, abducting, and even mating with humans, and producing offspring. One theory, he noted, is that Bigfoot are actually hybrids between humans and proto-humans. He also discussed the current Bigfoot DNA Project, spearheaded by Melba Ketchum, and a controversial case from last year when a hunter claimed he killed two Sasquatch in the central Sierra Nevada mountains, and now has "Bigfoot steaks" stashed in the freezer.

Last hour guest, cryptozoology advisor to Rue Morgue magazine, Lyle Blackburn, discussed reports of a strange beast known as the Fouke Monster that have circulated among the locals in southern Arkansas. In 1971, a family was reportedly attacked by a "big hairy monster," and within a year, there were around 50 more sightings, with descriptions of an adult creature with a narrow build. The creature became popularized as the 'Beast of Boggy Creek,' when the low budget film The Legend of Boggy Creek was released in 1972, and became a hit. The movie was indeed based on some facts, Blackburn said, who added that he considers the creature to possibly be a cross between the foul-smelling Skunk Ape and a Pacific Northwest-type Bigfoot. In 1991, a large skeleton (missing the skull) was found in the woods near Jefferson, Texas that some believe could be a Bigfoot, he added.

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