January 18, 2013

Australia Calling episode 2 with Derrick MacThomas 2013.01.18

Muslims to push Sharia on White Australia

A prominent Muslim cleric has delivered a sermon in which he called for terrorism to force Australia to adopt Sharia (Muslim law) and impose it upon white Australians by force. Among other things, he wants a ban on alcohol, women in burkas and Arabic to be the only language used in schools. Also, single parents get another kick in the guts from the Chardonnay socialists of the Labor Party: they have lost the concession cards that gave them discount prescriptions and discounts on power, rates, car registration and telephones. Too bad if their children get sick!

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Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2013.01.18

General rant with calls.

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David Duke Show 2013.01.18

Today: Dr. Duke today reveals increasing Jewish fanaticism as shown by the political structure in Israel and then goes into many vital details about vitamin D3. Vitamin D3 will not only help protect you from cancers, Alzheimer's, heart disease, macular eye degeneration, and diabetes, but recent studies show it will even help you burn fat improve your figure, and reduce the waist hip ratio which a major marker for heart disease.

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Spingola Speaks 2013.01.18

Guest: Michael Walsh talks about gun control in Germany 1928-1945; Gun Control in Australia; Wounded Knee; Death Stats; State by State Gun Legislation; Murder Statistics for the World

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Online Petition Called for Building Death Star

Ridiculously enough, President Obama’s administration has recently had to pen an official response to an online petition for the United States of America to build a Death Star in the next three years. People who signed the petition claimed that a Death Star would create new jobs and scare everyone in the universe. It turned out that the online petition collected enough signatures to require the White House to take it into consideration and to draft a response.

A person responsible for response was Paul Shawcross, Chief of the Science and Space Branch at the White House Office of Management and Budget. He tried to remain serious and explain that while the Obama’s office shares the desire for job creation and strong national defense, they won’t build a Death Star in the nearest future.

The first reason indicated in the response was the cost. The matter is that the construction of the Death Star is estimated to cost over $850,000,000,000,000,000, which is hardly a good investment right now, when the country is trying to reduce the deficit.

The Obama’s Office also doesn’t support blowing up planets as an instrument of foreign policy. Nor it makes sense to spend taxpayer’s money on a Death Star with a fundamental flaw which can be exploited by a one-man fighter. Paul Shawcross noted that even though the US doesn’t have anything able to do the Kessel Run in less than a dozen parsecs, the country has got two spacecrafts leaving the Solar System and the scientists are building a probe which will fly to the exterior layers of the Sun. Apparently, the petitioners should remain satisfied with such response.   Source

The International Jew Study Hour Jan. 17, 2013

Episode 30 – “Disraeli of America” – A Jew of Super-Power

 A look at the autocratic rule over the United States gained by the Jew Bernard Baruch, under the presidency of Democrat Woodrow Wilson,  as the man who “mobilized American industry for war.”

It is reported that he once said of himself, “Behold the Disraeli of the United States!” and told a Congressional committee, “I probably had more power than perhaps any other man did in the war; doubtless that is true.” TIJ suggests that Baruch’s example of governing the country during the war gave his co-religionists a very valuable education in the art of autocracy.

Pictured:  War Industries Board The largest of the superagencies  during WW1 was headed by the financier Bernard Baruch. Of the seven members, three were Jews. Standing: Adm. F.F. Fletcher, Hugh Fraune, Col. Palmer E. Pierce, H.P. Ingels. Seated: Daniel Willard, Robert S. Brookings, Robert S. Lovett, and Bernard M. Baruch. Essentially, the WIB made purchases, allocated supplies, fixed prices at levels that business requested, and ordered the standardization of goods to save materials and streamline production. (e.g the varieties of automobile tires were reduced from 287 to 3)         Show-page

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I needs my guns

Since our fear mongering, guvment (US inc), insists America is full of terrorist, shouldn't we be throwing their crap, back in their face and using it against the gun grabbers. 

"I needs my guns, cause dem mooslums & alcia-da are every where's"

Jeff Rense Radio Show - 2013.01.17

Listen  Download  Hour 1 - Dr. Henry L. Niman, PhD - Flu Season Off To A Deadly, Fast Start

Listen  Download  Hour 2 - Patricia Doyle, PhD - Emerging Diseases

Listen  Download  Hour 3 - Harry Cooper - The WW2 U-Boat War

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