Friday, January 18, 2013

The International Jew Study Hour Jan. 17, 2013

Episode 30 – “Disraeli of America” – A Jew of Super-Power

 A look at the autocratic rule over the United States gained by the Jew Bernard Baruch, under the presidency of Democrat Woodrow Wilson,  as the man who “mobilized American industry for war.”

It is reported that he once said of himself, “Behold the Disraeli of the United States!” and told a Congressional committee, “I probably had more power than perhaps any other man did in the war; doubtless that is true.” TIJ suggests that Baruch’s example of governing the country during the war gave his co-religionists a very valuable education in the art of autocracy.

Pictured:  War Industries Board The largest of the superagencies  during WW1 was headed by the financier Bernard Baruch. Of the seven members, three were Jews. Standing: Adm. F.F. Fletcher, Hugh Fraune, Col. Palmer E. Pierce, H.P. Ingels. Seated: Daniel Willard, Robert S. Brookings, Robert S. Lovett, and Bernard M. Baruch. Essentially, the WIB made purchases, allocated supplies, fixed prices at levels that business requested, and ordered the standardization of goods to save materials and streamline production. (e.g the varieties of automobile tires were reduced from 287 to 3)         Show-page

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Anonymous said...

Douglas Reed's The Controversy of Zion has good info on the arch criminal Baruch.

An excerpt from Chapter 37:

"This is an illustrative example of the transmission of ideas from generation to generation, among a governing group. Mr. House's ideas were those of "the revolutionaries of 1848", which in turn derived from Weishaupt and the revolutionaries of 1789, who had them from some earlier source. When Mr. House abandoned them they were transmitted without a hitch to the ruling group around another president, and the one man who had modified these ideas was left behind.

Mr. House was the only casualty in the inner circle. Mr. Bernard Baruch was adviser to Mr. Roosevelt even before he became president. Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt records that "Mr. Baruch was a trusted adviser to my husband both in Albany and in Washington", that is, during Mr. Roosevelt's four-year term as Governor of New York State, before his presidential nomination. During this pre-presidential period Mr. Roosevelt (according to one of Mr. Baruch's biographers, Mr. Morris V. Rosenbloom), although America had repudiated the League of Nations, drafted the plan for a new body to be called the United Nations. Rabbi Stephen Wise and Mr. Brandeis, of the earlier group around President Wilson, regrouped themselves around President Roosevelt (Hitler's anti-Jewish measures in Germany at this time revived Mr. Brandeis's desire to drive Arabs out of Palestine).",Messiahs.and.Masses.htm

Anonymous said...

I love listening to The International Jew Study Hour, and Carolyn and Hattie. With acmiration galore: Signed, Miss Lady