Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Real World of Money – Andrew Gause 2011.12.17


SPECIAL Farewell to our Saturday Show – December 17, 2011

Do not let the title of this show floor you as we are only discontinuing the Saturday evening show with Andrew Gause. He will still be joining us every Wednesday morning at 9am Central. Patrick says good-bye tonight to KLBJ in Austin after being with them since 1983. A bittersweet 2 hours of looking back at how Patrick and Andrew first came together and some fascinating insights and stories from Andrew about just how controlled the media has always been. Other topics discussed:

-Jon Corzine and MF Global: Andrew’s hung up on this story
-Ron Paul for President: Feeling the love from Andrew
-How a Euro collapse would devastate the world’s economy. Does Andrew see this happening?
-The Federal Reserve: Facilitating excess borrowing
-Andrew gives some information about exciting changes in his website for the first of the year
-The wave theory- The cycles of booms and busts with the economy
-IRA’s: Andrew gives his opinion


No Agenda Show for Sunday December 18th 2011 " Fools & Knaves "

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