July 23, 2012

Flow of Wisdom Radio with Sean Anthony 2012.07.23

Sean Anthony "The Motivator" is a syndicated, ground-breaking talk show with insightful interviews, controversial guests, and a platform for alternative news, current national and global affairs.

Topic: Aurora Shooter Sleeper Cell For Gun Control

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Red Ice Radio 2012.07.19

Courtney Brown - Hour 1 - Remote Viewing & Earth Changes Data For 2013

Courtney Brown is a mathematician and social scientist who teaches in the Department of Political Science at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. Independent of his work at the university, he is also the leading scholar on the subject of "remote viewing" as it is done using procedures that were developed by the United States military and used for espionage purposes, or procedures that are derivative of those methodologies. Dr. Brown is the Director and founder of The Farsight Institute, a nonprofit research and educational organization dedicated to the study of a phenomenon of nonlocal consciousness known as "remote viewing." His recently published book on the subject, Remote Viewing: The Science and Theory of Nonphysical Perception, is the only book of its kind where the science of remote viewing is developed with respect to highly structured data-collection methodologies. In this book he analyzes data and develops a new theory that explains the remote-viewing phenomenon as a consequence of superposition formation on the quantum level. He joins us to discuss remote viewing. He also shares data from remote viewing sessions in relation to 2012 and huge planetary change.

Courtney Brown - Hour 2 - 2013 Timelines & Anomalies

We continue in the member's hour discussing possible timelines for 2013. He speaks specifically of two possible scenarios and what will determine which one will be. Courtney shares more data from the Farsight Institute revealing a meteor impact event in one possible timeline. With the shutting down of manned space programs, underground digging, warnings of solar storms and the global debt crisis, does the government know something we don't? We talk about what will happen if these events do occur. Courtney explains what kind of events could impact other realities.


Red Ice Radio

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The Intelligence Report with Mark Koernke 2012.07.23

Mark Koernke sheds light on issues effecting the rights and freedoms of all Americans. Information to prepare you for the coming globalist/zionist war against the free men and women of America

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The National Intel Report with John Stadtmiller 2012.07.23

Guests: Ron MacDonald 

John shoots the shit with Ron about the Colorado shooting.


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Mike Rivero - What Really Happened 2012.07.23

James Holmes chose city with WORST guns laws in the state!; Global weapons agenda aided by mass shootings, bombings ; Special Front Sight Blog: Gun Free Zones Are Killing Us;
Gaza Blockade Over? Egypt Opens Border to Palestinians;
Syria’s Next Act; Iran arrests terrorists behind nuclear scientists' assassinations;
Olympics committee insists: No moment of silence for Munich 11;
Israel 'fears Iran Olympics attack';
FLASHBACK - Cover-Up Alleged in Probe of USS Liberty;
U.K. file on Entebbe contains claim that Israel behind hijacking;
Abu Nidal reportedly worked for the CIA and MOSSAD;
US drops biggest-ever human trafficking case amid evidence doubts;
Chaos Erupts After Anaheim Police Open Fire on Unarmed Crowd Including Women and Children;
Cop shoots and kills son after reportedly mistaking him for an intruder ;
Five Banks Fail, 2012 Tally at 38;
Spain & Italy Ban Short Selling;
US poverty on track to rise to highest since 1960s;
Tax-cheating Obama Staffers Owe How Much In Back Taxes??;
Almost entire Congress refuses to release tax returns; Mexico protest:
Over 30,000 march against new president;
Worst whooping cough outbreak in over 50 years happening among the fully vaccinated;
Fizzical harm: Drinking sugary drinks doesn't just pile on the pounds - it changes your body so it's harder to lose weight;
Facebook braces itself for disastrous first quarter losses since IPO valued company at $100bn;
UK Police jails man for using a non-standard internet browser;
Judge says it's OK to use your seized phone to impersonate you and entrap your friends;
Tensions Soar on Afghan-Pakistan Border After Pakistani Shelling;
IPCC Admits Its Past Reports Were Politically Motivated Junk Science;
Mason Chibnick, Jail Deputy, Accused Of Creating 'Orgy'-Like Atmosphere At Fla. Women's Prison

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Spingola Speaks 2012.07.23

 This is a rerun from  2012.06.26

Dr. Patricia Jordan, author of Mark of the Beast; Vaccines - unsafe for man and beast

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David Duke Show 2012.07.23

Today: Dr. Duke discusses the pilgrimage to Israel by every candidate for President of the United States who must bow down to the real political puppet masters in Israel, and the Jewish tribal controllers of media and finance that are so vital for a candidate's election to the White House. Also discussed is the horrific shooting in Aurora CO which was not caused by guns but a sick media that inculcates mental illness in many young people with a glorification of violence, gore, and the use of sadism to excite and fascinate audiences today. Dr. Duke points out that as a boy, there wasn't any gun registration and guns were very easy to get but no kids went into schools and murdered scores of people. Dr. Duke also highlights an economist who points out how Jewish networking is stealing trillions of dollars, and protecting the thieves. Also a quick look into Adeleson, his political bribery and his gambling business that ruins countless lives and families.

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The Jack Blood Show 2012.07.23

Jack is back and is now based in Atlanta. The big bully of Austin chased him out. LOL
Jack talks about the conspiracy angle of the Colorado Shooting.

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No Agenda Global Radio
Deadline Live

The Flipside with Robby Noel 2012.07.23

Robby tries to sweep away the fog of "political correctness" on a daily basis.

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Joey Diaz - It's Either You or The Priest

Joey "CoCo" Diaz is a Cuban-American stand-up comedian and actor known for his recurring role as Joey on the TV series My Name is Earl, as well as in movies such as The Longest Yard and Taxi.

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Doug Stanhope - The Great White Stanhope

Douglas Gene "Doug" Stanhope (born March 25, 1967) is an American stand-up comedian, actor, and author known for his on-stage drinking and abrasive comedy routines.

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Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2012.07.23

Gregg Kalina and Charles discuss their views on the Apollo moon landings being fake.

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