Sunday, November 11, 2012

Truth Militia Radio 2012.11.11

Truth Militia & Mike Sledge destroy the Rat-faced Jew

On this episode of Truth Militia Radio we have a special guest: Mike Sledge of Deconstructions Live and Down & Out Radio. Sunday’s show will be explosive, as we destroy the Jewish lies and propaganda forced on our society. We’ll also touch base on the “election” results from Tuesday. Remember to post your comments & questions in our Radio Show Chatbox.

Truth Militia Radio


Lugh's Den 7 featuring Mike Sledge 2012.11.09

Tonight we'll be having Mike Sledge on discussing election fallout, political inversions and mutikulturalism!


Lugh's Den

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No Agenda Show for Sunday November 11th 2012 " Nein Nein Nein Nein "


No Agenda
Show Notes

Project Scare-A-Lots new sitcom "Shadow Op"

*** Starring ***

Kerry Cassidy, Bill Ryan, Richard Hoagland and David "The Kermit" Wilcock

Rated TV 13

A View From Space with Gary Bell 2012.11.10

Topics Discussed: 2012, President Election, Crash of America, Barak Obama, 11.8.12, Skyfall, James Bond, A Royal Affair, Adele (Skyfall), Dark Knight, WW3, Athena Storm, Huricane Sandy, Weather wars, 322, Days of Numerology, Abraham Lincoln, Vedic Astrology, Assasination of presidents, Transit of lilith Natal Sun, Confederacy.



Truth Jihad Radio with Kevin Barrett

1st Hour: Kevin interviews Stephen Lendman.

2nd Hour: Kevin interviews Gordon Duff and talks about the 40% false information claim.



The Victory Hour with Max French / Resistance is Gentile with Dana Antiochus Double Header!

1st Hour–Max French–On this Remembrance Day edition of the Victory Hour, Max references the horrible costs to all nations in fighting wars that only supremacist Jewry wins.


2nd Hour–Dana Antiochus along with guest ‘Roman’ discuss what the world needs to do in order to deal with the Jewish problem.




Max French


Dana Antiochus along with guest ‘Roman’