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The National Intel Report with John Stadtmiller 2012.07.30

Guest: Ron McDonald


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David Duke Show 2012.07.30

Today: Dr. Duke with Dr. Thring in the UK on Romney and Obama's subservience to Israel. They discuss a subject almost never discussed the terrorism of Israel against Great Britain when Israel was founded and the ongoing terrorism and treachery against the U.S. Then Dr. Duke and Dr. Thring go into the Olympics in the UK and they show the double standards of preventing a Greek athlete from competing for simply a silly joke but permitting Israel to compete, a nation that has committed horrific terrorism, murder and torture and ethnic cleansing! Then Dr. Duke goes into the Opening Ceremony which was meant to destroy any sense of true British patriotism in the name of multiculturalism. A weapon which gives the tribalists, ethnocentrically driven Zionists more power in a divided and conquered Great Britain. This is a pattern of Zionist globalism across the Western World!

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C2C - 2012.07.24-26

Redefining Space & Time
Date:      07-24-12
Host:     George Noory
Guests:  Nassim Haramein

Nassim Haramein has spent years researching the geometry of hyperspace, theoretical physics, cosmology, chemistry, as well as anthropology and ancient civilizations. He presented his concept about the structure of space & time, and suggested that if it was fully utilized, it could usher in a new era of space and time travel. The vacuum between atoms is not empty, but is a fluctuating energy that is the source of everything, and has discrete, quantifiable elements that could be thought of as very tiny pixels, he explained. These fluctuations are all around us, permeating everything, and organized into vortices of different sizes, he continued.

Fusing macro and micro-systems, Haramein studied fundamental aspects of these pixels, and found them to be part of a holographic universe, in which each point represents the entire system. Further, the tiny pixels in one proton represent the mass of the universe, and the relationship of the pixels inside the proton to those outside the proton yield a solution to gravity, which can be applied to an object of any size, he said. Such findings in quantum gravity "would give us the information necessary to start being able to engineer very advanced drive propulsion systems that could bring us to the stars literally," he declared.

The pixels could be considered little capsules of information, and you could think of time "as the memory of the structure of the vacuum," as things move through the vacuum, he noted. "In fact, this model may actually predict that memory is not a function of the brain directly but is a function of the brain accessing the information in the vacuum-- so the brain is like a radio," and if this held true, a person might be able to displace themselves anywhere in the universe, or access any time period, he suggested. "It opens doors that we can't even fathom today," Haramein commented, adding that he believes we're extremely close to a complete transformation in our energy production, transportation, and control of gravity.

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Corrupted Politics
Date:      07-25-12
Host:     George Noory
Guests:  Jesse Ventura

Appearing during the middle two hours, former wrestler, actor, governor, and bestselling author, Jesse Ventura, shared his contention that the ineptitude and gang-like mentalities of both the Republicans and the Democrats have allowed corporations, businesses, and politically-motivated wealthy individuals to manipulate elections, and silence the average American voter. The Democrats and Republicans deliberately discourage third party candidates, and make it difficult for them to participate in the presidential debates, he noted. These two big parties are "very much like pro-wrestling," he commented. "In front of the public they're adversaries and they're going to kill each other, while behind the scenes they're working together-- they're business partners."

The two-party system keeps people stupid, with conservatives automatically voting for Republicans, and liberals voting for Democrats, without considering the individual merits of each candidate, he continued. In the upcoming November presidential election, it doesn't matter who wins-- we'll still get the same policies, he argued (Ventura said he is supporting the Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson). If Ventura were President, among the things he said he'd do is close America's foreign military bases, enact campaign finance reform to eliminate the "system of bribery," and abolish income tax and switch to a national sales tax.

He also spoke about the mysterious death of past C2C guest Dr. Fred Bell, who the day before he died of a heart attack, had flown to Minnesota to tape a whistle-blower segment on free energy for Ventura's TV show, Conspiracy Theory. Off the record, Bell told him that he had a CIA handler who was going to go ballistic when he found out about the interview. Further, Ventura reported that all 8 episodes of Season 3 of his series were completed by November 2011, but have yet to air.

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Mysterious Pyramid, & Electric Universe
Date:      07-26-12
Host:     George Noory
Guests: Linda Moulton Howe

Investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe shared the latest Earthfiles news on heat, drought, & fires, the electric universe, and a mysterious pyramid structure that may exist in Alaska. In her first segment, she reported that between January and July 2012, the United States has broken 40,000 heat temperature records, and 2/3 of the contiguous US is now in moderate to severe drought, second only to the summer of 1934-- the height of the Dust Bowl era. She interviewed Prof. Jonathan Overpeck of the Univ. of Arizona in Tucson, who said "heat waves are getting hotter and longer, and forest fires are getting bigger and more severe." As to the cause, he cited the warming of Earth brought about by greenhouse gas pollution primarily from fossil fuel burning. More here.

In her second report, Linda spoke with two researchers of the "electric universe" theory: Wallace Thornhill and David Talbott. The electric universe hypothesis suggests that 99% of all matter (excluding dark energy & dark matter) is made up of plasma, and when the plasma moves, electric currents are created. Thornhill talked about the electrical behavior around stars and nebulae, while Talbott addressed the Valles Marineris crater on Mars. It "looks like nothing more than an electric arc blasting across the surface of Mars and removing immense amounts of material from the planet," he commented. Further details.

In a two-part report, Linda interviewed retired U. S. Army counterintelligence Warrant Officer Douglas Mutschler who'd been puzzled by a USGS map in his intell work that had a large whited out area between Mt. McKinley and Nome, Alaska. Then, on an evening in November 1992 on Channel 13 in Anchorage, Alaska, he and 39 others in his unit were in a Ft. Richardson cafeteria when they all watched a news program about the discovery of a very large pyramidal structure underground between Mt. McKinley and Nome, Alaska, that was discovered when geologists studied crust images during the May 22, 1992, large underground nuclear detonation in China. After the newscast, Mutschler went to the Channel 13 TV news station to get a dub of the report and was told by the General Manager that no such broadcast had occurred. He knew that was not the truth and when he was leaving the station, a TV technician approached him and said privately that the underground pyramid in Alaska story had aired, but afterward someone ordered the story erased. Later, when he sought out information on the topic at a classified archive in Fort Meade, two men showed up and told him to leave the subject alone. More here.

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Mike Rivero - What Really Happened 2012.07.30

Syria rebels say world must intervene to stop Aleppo massacre; US rages at Syria success vs. rebels; Panetta: Syrian Government Will End: US Involvement Unknown Flipping The Script: The Western Media's Syria Propaganda Is Falling Apart; Radical Islamists with British accents trying to topple Assad; ‘British-born jihadists fighting Assad in Syria’ – captured photographer; Libya rebels move onto Syrian battlefield; Syrian army kills terrorists entering from Turkey; Violence rises on Syria-Lebanon border; EU Gives WikiLeaks Propaganda About Chemical Weapons in Syria; Americans No Longer Trust The Mainstream Media; Chinese Warship Crosses Suez, Possibly Bound for Syria; China and Afghanistan agree to increase military cooperation; Russia Will Not Allow EU to Inspect Ships: Foreign Ministry; James Eagan Holmes charged with murder, attempted murder from Colo. rampage; Report: Doctor treating Aurora shooting suspect had medical reprimand; RBS faces huge fine over Libor scandal, says Stephen Hester; Breaking News – Irelands Bankers Being Arrested And Charged!; Four Iranians Sentenced to Death Over $2.3 Bln Bank Fraud; Emergency Central Bank Intervention Coming?; Euro Zone Crisis Heads for September Crunch; Geithner visit stirs hope for Eurozone; Israel prepares to vote on sweeping austerity measures; Only Mario Draghi's ECB can avert global calamity before the year is out - The Telegraph; ECB thinks the unthinkable, action likely weeks away; Global QE Is Coming: Let the Gold Mania Begin!; Does the Fed Really Monetize Government Debt?; Fort Knox and the gold dipped tungsten bars (German vid - English subs); Why Are Working People Invisible in the Mainstream Media?; US drone kills seven militants in Pakistan; Pakistan to consider barter trade with Iran; Giuliani: Obama as Israel-Ally 'Biggest Joke' He's Ever Heard; A LONG AWAITED FOR STUDY OF HOW THE NYPD ABUSED BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS AT OWS; NYPD Plans To Launch New Criminal And Terrorist Tracking System; Kidnap victim found in garage of New York police detective - Bound with zip ties and rope; No Charges Filed Against Cop Found With Ransom Hostage Tied Up In His Garage; Innocent Man Spends Four Months in Jail after Rochester, NY Police Officers Lie Under Oath; Horses used against demonstrators in ninth day of Anaheim protests; Outrage over billboard comparing Obama to Dark Knight shooter which says President has 'killed thousands'; 'Israel and America are reflections of one another'; Romney says Jerusalem is Israel's capital, vows to move embassy; Top Ten Most Distasteful things about Romney Trip to Israel; Romney at Kotel: 'Pained' by Temple's Destruction; FLASHBACK - Coins from 17AD found under Jerusalem's Western Wall hints sacred site NOT built by Herod; Ever Wonder Why There is no Archaeological Evidence of the First Temple?; Key Senate Staffer on Military Issues Got Big Payout From Lockheed Martin; New study shows half of the global warming in the USA is artificial; U.S. Temperature trends show a spurious doubling due to NOAA station siting problems and post measurement adjustments.; American flags planted during Moon landings still waving; China arrests thousands in latest internet crime crackdown - More than 10,000 suspects have been arrested and 600 criminal gangs "busted," 3.2 million "harmful" messages deleted, and 30 internet service providers punished for granting access to unlicensed; Chinese party newspaper says leaders must listen after riots; Welcome to the World Revolution in the Global Age of Rage;Best of friends? CIA considers Israel one of its biggest spy threats;Uganda leader warns of Ebola 'contact' threat ; Reuters: Tokyo protest breaks through barriers and spills onto streets as tens of thousands gather — Police forced to deploy armoured buses to buttress Parliament’s gates; Nuclear Expert: Fukushima reactors still releasing radioactive gas — Biggest problem is buildings are leaking into groundwater; I think they will get to point of throwing concrete on Fukushima reactors and coming back in 300 to 500 years -Gundersen; All the songs DO sound the same: Modern pop is louder, less varied, and uses less chords than classic albums of 50s and 60s; Toronto tells celebrated volunteers to stop beautifying park; N.J. Terrorist Hideout Actually NYPD Operation; DC Police Snatch Camera One Day After Being Commanded to Stop; Gun carrying man ends stabbing spree at Salt Lake grocery store; DHS-funded video :"Run, Hide, Fight," the video depicts a fictional shooting incident at an office building; Police thwart mass shooting in Maryland:; Oregon Man Sentenced to 30 Days in Jail -- for Collecting Rainwater on His Property;Astronaut Sally Ride's partner won't receive government death benefits. Thanks, homophobes.

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Spingola Speaks 2012.07.30

Guest: Dr. Timothy Spearman, Shaking a Spear at Ignorance and Vice

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The Flipside with Robby Noel 2012.07.30

Robby tries to sweep away the fog of "political correctness" on a daily basis.

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