July 03, 2012

The National Intel Report with John Stadtmiller 2012.07.03

John and Robby shoot the shit for the first hour, and Roddy is on his own the second.


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Mike Rivero - What Really Happened 2012.07.03

Mike talks about his usual bankster gangster stuff.

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Peter Niese with Lark in Texas 2012.06.30

Are you a citizen of the United States of Columbia / US inc.?

Peters email:  lawman07@live.com

Great Show!  Thanks for the heads up Rockclimber.

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Spingola Speaks 2012.07.03

Guest: Roland Hinkson And Wesley W. Hoyt

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Jeff Rense Radio Show - 2012.07.02

Listen  Download  Hour 1 - Michel Chossudovsky - Syrian War Escalates

Listen  Download  Hour 2 - Tim Rifat - Bio-Information Warfare

Listen  Download  Hour 3 - Michael Collins - Fukushima Radiation Over US - Yoichi Shimatsu - Fukushima Update


The Flipside with Robby Noel 2012.07.03

Guest: Bob Moriarty

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David Duke Show 2012.07.03

Today: Dr. Duke ad Lady Michelle Renouf discuss her new film the Dresden Holocaust. The truth about the greatest single day of mass murder and horror in the history of the world, the incendiary bombing of Dreseden, Germany on Shrove Tuesday, 1945. History and Truth!

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The Jack Blood Show 2012.07.03


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No Agenda Global Radio
Deadline Live

Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2012.07.03

Guest Dr. Rebecca Carley is on as part of Charles' Medical Mafia series.

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Spingola Special 2012.07.02

John Friend, Another Look at Hitler; What Hitler Might Mean for Americans today

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