October 21, 2012

Truth Militia Radio 2012.10.21

On this episode of Truth Militia Radio we will address Negative Attitudes & Depression, the 2nd Presidential Debate, the so called “White Nationalist” movement in America, a second round on Fat Slobs & Sports Fanatics, Rigging & Juicing in Sports, Whackjob Christian Preachers, and the Ziocracy Crime File. Tune in Live and please remember to post your comments & questions in our Radio Show Chatbox.

Truth Militia Radio


The Piper Report 2012.10.21

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The Pete Santilli Show 2012.10.20

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Episode #245 – InfoWars, Rense, IntelHub Manipulate News Like Israeli Dominant MSM Investigative Journalist Susanne Posel joins Pete to discuss the state of the Alternative Media industry, and they present a compelling a case that the major, popular Alternative Media outlets may have been co-opted, and are definitely manipulating the news in the same manner as the Main Stream Media.

 Pete and Susanne discuss factual evidence that InfoWars.com has selectively withheld important news articles, IntelHub has failed to conduct thorough vetting of sources, and Rense.com has essentially been functioning as the most psychotic of the all as they have been found to have repeatedly lured promising women journalists, and then tortured by a former lover of Jeff Rense (this is a very weird expose’, but very true).

Susanne discusses her decision to detach herself from unethical and corrupted Alternative Media websites, and she tells of her recent decline of a job offer by InfoWars.com for ethical concerns.

Ms. Posel tells of a thorough background investigation which revealed direct influence by zionist advertisers, numerous “shell” corporations formed and operated by Alex Jones including Free Speech Systems, LLC, Magnolia Management, etc., as well as connections to STRATFOR’s Zionist-In-Chief, George Friedman.

As a result of the discovery of impropriety, bias, and outright manipulation of news, Pete and Susanne announce that they will not only remain independent as journalists, but they have decided to “out” or expose any which have been intentionally concealing real and important news from the public. IntelHub withheld an important story about Israeli Lobbyist Patrick Clawson and then failed to follow up directly with Patrick Clawson after being given all of his contact information for verification of the story. When Posel and Santilli caught them holding back the story, IntelHub stopped publishing OccupyCorporatism’s daily news articles without any reason or explanation.

As to Rense.com, Pete has retracted his public endorsement of Rense.com as a credible news source, especially in light of the history of psychotic episodes involving Jeff Rense’s former spouse, Melinda Jane Kellogg. Their coordinated patterns of luring woman journalists into their lair; publicly abusing them; and then suppressing the female journalist’s news stories is disturbing. Santilli states;

“When we learned of this incident with Susanne Posel and Occupy Corporatism, our team immediately did some background on the Melinda character. What we discovered was a long history of repeated abuse with female journalists and fans , and evidence that Melinda Jane Kellogg is clinically bi-polar. Jeff Rense’s poor judgement; coupled with Melinda Kellogg’s stalking of Susanne Posel causes me to question the seriousness of Rense.com as a credible news source in alternative media.”

Santilli and Posel also discuss the importance of Dr. Judy Wood’s evidence pertaining to 9-11, and they question why Alex Jones has always withheld this critical evidence from his audience. Investigative Journalist Dave Posel joins Pete to discuss the technical aspects and possibilities of directed energy weaponry employed on the twin towers. Dave Posel provides a very technical, articulate and measured assumptions based on Dr. Wood’s scientific findings.

Deconstructions Live 2012.10.21

Having a boring Sunday? Well...tune into Deconstructions Live for some info, conversation, and some laughs. One more beer and Mike Sledge will take on the whole establishment single-handedly. He will bring down the hammer on shills, media propaganda, and even himself. So join the Deconstruction and get hammered with Mike Sledge!

On Today's show: Guest Andrew Sholly



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No Agenda Show for Sunday October 21st 2012 " Going Purple "

No Agenda

Scorpio's Grand Conspiracy Hour Episode 25 - 2012.10.21

Scorpio discusses the upcoming election with it's worthless establishment candidates and what we may expect after the election is over. He also discusses other important topics.
Scorpio's Talkshoe


The Brizer Show 2012.10.20

Join Brizer as he welcomes various guests in the alternative media to discuss the important and wide ranging issues that affect us today.

Guest: Tom Ryan His four page PDF called Take Back Your Power

Awake Radio

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Live Free Or Die Radio 2012.10.18

Lee covers news during the first half of the show including analysis of the alleged terror plot against the Federal Reserve.

51 mins in Alex Jones, Dr. Ben Fuchs and Paul Joseph Watson make appearances in the 2nd half of the show.

Sledge was drunk off his ass and going nuts with the all impressions. That whole bit about taking his kid to the circus was something else. After a while even Rogers sounded drunk trying to keep up with Sledge.