Sunday, November 4, 2012

Truth Militia Radio 2012.11.04

On this episode of "Truth Militia Radio" we'll continue our discussion on this Jewish Culture and the disease of Christ-insanity. We'll get 1st hand reports from NJ in Sandy's aftermath. Also, will an Obama re-election destroy White America? Do White countries need more Immigrants? And why are American's so obsessed with weddings? Remember to post your comments & questions in our Radio Show Chatbox.

P.S. Stop fucking cursing all the time you motherfuckers. lol

Truth Militia Radio


The Piper Report 2012.11.04

No guest.

Mike Piper



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Deconstructions Live 2012.11.04

Having a boring Sunday? Well...tune into Deconstructions Live for some info, conversation, and some laughs. One more beer and Mike Sledge will take on the whole establishment single-handedly. He will bring down the hammer on shills, media propaganda, and even himself. So join the Deconstruction and get hammered with Mike Sledge!

On Today's show: Guest Keith of Truth Militia.


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No Agenda Show for Sunday November 4th 2012 " Punch a Puppy! "


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C2C 2012.11.01

Natural Remedies & Health

Host: George Noory
Guests: Ty Bollinger, Dr. Michael Farley 

Author and health freedom advocate, Ty Bollinger, joined by naturopathic doctor, Michael Farley in the third hour, discussed their recently published book, "Work With Your Doctor To Diagnose and Cure 27 Ailments With Natural and Safe Methods," as well as the dangers of GMO foods, and vaccinations. The United States has a high rate of infant mortality, and Bollinger believes this is due to fatal reactions from vaccines.

"The USA has more childhood vaccines than any other country in the developed world, and we have the highest number of deaths per thousand births," he cited. The long term effects of genetically modified foods have not been extensively looked at, but one recent study found that rats fed GMO corn developed cancerous tumors, 70% of the females died prematurely, and all of them suffered organ damage, he reported.

Bollinger also detailed a case of a woman with a MRSA infection who said she successfully treated herself by consuming Manuka honey, which has antibacterial properties. Dr. Farley spoke about the importance of the digestive system with its beneficial bacteria, in maintaining overall wellness and a healthy immune system. Regarding diabetes, a calorie restricted diet over the course of 30 days has been successful in reversing the condition, and the supplements of Vitamins C, A, & B, CoQ10 and cinnamon are helpful, Bollinger stated.

Farley also stressed the necessity for cholesterol in the body, which is a needed precursor for hormones, and a primary part of cell walls. Cholesterol is not the cause of heart disease, he continued, but serves to plug leaky arteries or lesions in the arteries. It's actually sugars (from white bread, sweets etc.) in the form of insulin that causes the lesions in the arterial wall, but cholesterol gets the blame, he explained. Addressing the problem of low cholesterol, Farley suggested it's related to bile not secreting properly, and can be remedied  by a tablespoon of olive oil, and tablespoon of lemon juice 3x a day.


The Victory Hour With Max French Nov 3, 2012

Max draws on the examples of American Revolutionary soldiers and quotes their leaders as guideposts to prosecuting our war against Jewish supremacism.




Your Voice Counts with Phillip F Tourney 2012.11.03

Phil talks about his experience on the USS Liberty, takes a few calls and bashes Israel