Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Kevin Barrett Show 2013.07.16

Guest: Richard Gage founder of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth; and Pam Senzee of 911JourneyForTruth.org.
The Rethink911 global ad and grassroots action campaign is set to raise a 54′ high billboard in Times Square for the entire month of September! Nearly a million people a day are expected to see this sign about World Trade Center 7 – that’s nearly 30 million views by months end! When we factor in the other 10 major cities around the world doing similar advertising throughout September – we’re talking about hundreds of millions of views by October first!”
Richard Gage and Pam Senzee – like me – are not about to let go of this issue. I’m looking forward to seeing some ReThink911 ads go up – and to seeing Richard at the Sheraton Hotel overlooking the Pentagon, when the DC911Truth conference convenes on the weekend after 9/11/2013!

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Anonymous said...

Richard Gage is a part of the Dr. Steven Jones scam. Mr. Gage did not even start talking about Building until about 2010. Dr. Jones and Mr. Gage dodged any talk about Building 7 before that time.

I find it difficult to accept Dr. Barret's continued allegiance to the thermite sniffer gang, which is a total government disinfo production.