Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2012.07.11

Charles and Veronica Clark discuss the Holocaust fairy tale and Hitler etc.

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Anonymous said...

Exellent performance by Mrs. Clark, this interview is very informative.Thanks for posting!

Anonymous said...

Amanda said

Thanks for posting! Great info from Veronica Clark. For those who are interested in more on Kristalnacht, but don't have time to read Ingrid Weckert's book, here's an article she wrote that summarizes what she discovered about that night. Though it's long, it's definitely worth the read:

Crystal Night 1938-The Great Anti-German Spectacle

Also at the link is some info from Brother Nathanael that puts Kristalnacht in context, in terms of timing and how moves toward peace at munich were ended with this convenient incident (convenient for the warmongering Bankers)

Anonymous said...

This was one of the best Charles Giuliani shows ever both for comedic content and LOTS of solid information. That guy 'Ray' that called in and sounded stoned out of his skull was hilarious, talking about how he's going to get 'the Asian man' on our side who'll never get sick from Fukushima because Asians eat 'sea weed,' yay yay yay! Charles: you're going off on crazy tangents. Ray: no i'm not, no i'm not, no i'm not, then 'we have lots of good men but 'women suck' ! To which VC replied without being the least bit insulted 'I disagee, it was the women's vote which put Hitler in power.'

A classic show. Veronica Clark never disappoints. She handed that annoying Hitler-was-an-occultist-Jew shill Gabe his ass in under 2 minutes, without backing off on a single absurd point but still in a friendly fashion to rub it back in his face that he failed to get her agitated & angry. That is usually the aim of these shills to begin with, to make you blow your top and look like an unreasonable, unstable, irrational, childish person.

Anonymous said...

Amanda said-

I also appreciated Veronica Clark's comments on Joseph Farrell (an obvious jewish shill who wrote "Nazi International"). She basically said that she was up to pg 120 in his book Brotherhood of the Bell and that nothing the guy wrote up to that point in the book could be substantiated. I hope Veronica starts doing other shows in addition to Deanna's and Charlie's--her info needs to get out there.

Anonymous said...

Great informative podcast. It's good to hear someone slap that clown(Jim Marrs) into the dirt where he belongs. Thank you for posting this.

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