Friday, October 12, 2012

Made in Israel: 9/11 and the Jewish Plot Against America

Dave Gahary interviews author Victor Thorn about his 9/11 book released on the 10 year anniversary of the Terrorist Attacks.

Part 2:

Part 3:

Made in Israel: 9/11 

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Anonymous said...

Not sure if Thorn covers it, but Ben Freedman's speech, 1961, is essential. His claims are backed up by the Weizmann letter to Churchill that David Irving turned up (see Churchill's War vol 2. - Irving's site has free downloads of books)

"We'll bring the US into WWII for you, just like we did in WWI. You just have to arm the Jewish maniacs in Palestine so they can go on a killing spree after the war." (

As Freedman said in his speech, "the Zionists RULE these United States as though they were ABSOLUTE MONARCHS"