Thursday, October 11, 2012

Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2012.10.11

Michael Anthony And Charles have a discussion and take calls.

Show Notes

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1776blues said...

I'd rather listen to nails on a chalk board then listen Michael Anthony. All he does is parrot the Jewish myths about NSDAP Germany and Hitler.

And he swears that Nazis are running the government despite the fact the Nazis are long gone while the Jewish terrorists are still here and just as parasites always do they moved on to another host; the United States.

Anonymous said...

This guy is retarded. He's a good hearted but unfortunately retarded dude. Retarded by religion. He will no sooner change his opininions based on historical facts that debunk conspiracy theories than he would facts that debunk his big fairy tale Jesus book.

I'd rather deal with the Michael Anthony kind of retard any day though than with the Christian Identity kind of retard, these complete useful idiots who, whether they realize it or not, shill for the ADL by trying to twist National Socialist ideology to fit it into their own bigoted framework. National Socialists did not even have segregation against blacks (or any other race) the way most of the United States did at that time. They just made citizenship racial because 98% of Germans were white. So, beyond that, membership in Hitler Youth was racial, for instance but from Hans Massaquoi's own anti-Hitler propaganda book you have so many admissions of what the reality of life was back then, that it's ridiculous, such as on page 103:

"The fact that all of my classmates had become card-carrying members of the Hitlerjugend had in no way affected our relationship. Those who were close to me before they joined the Jungvolk remained so afterward. We continued to play and have fun together and visit each other's homes as if nothing had changed."

Veronica Clark reads J. A. Sexton's review of Destined to Witness:

A great audio that discusses how Christianity & Islam are used to control us all in much better and more concise form than the endless Giuliani broadcasts about that topic is:

Down & Out Radio with Mike Sledge & Special Guest David from Texas

Pas said...

Absolutely agree with the commenters above on Mike ''swastika building'' Anthony.

Also I share Ano's views on C.I. and thanks for the links.The link from
Down & Out Radio with Mike Sledge & Special Guest David from Texas doesn't work.Does anyone has a working one?Griz?