Friday, November 30, 2012

Delcroix and Kyle Hunt 2012.11.30

Delcroix on a Friday, he may have a guest, he may play a pod, he may have a rant, or just read a bit... Whatever he does, he should not be missed. Tune into the dude on a friday @ Awake Radio

Delcroix and Kyle Hunt have a chat about life, the universe and everything...


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Spiff McKinney said...

Awesome show. Very weak audio on Delcroix side of things but Kyle did most of the talking and it was the best I have heard from him. Much info that was explained very well.
Big thanks to Delcroix and Kyle!
Thx Zap!

delcroix said...

thanks for the comment spiff
i was a bit low but i was listening to kyle all my guests ...once you hear them ...i'm happy

Spiff McKinney said...


It was frustrating for me as the audio difference between you and Kyle was pretty extreme in the beginning. Seems it got a little better further on. Anyway, of course you are kind to your guest as seem to allow them free rein in commenting.

I like your style; it has a certain character and timing that I find enjoyable. I still wanted to hear all of your words but to turn up the volume on my end would have been to high on Kyles voice.

I tried to encourage Deanna Spingola to get her own Network and recommended Kyle and yourself as possible candidates for time slots. I heard you interview Deanna and it was good.

Thanks for what you are doing and will look forward to your future shows.

Anonymous said...

Shit, Del, I could hear ya. fine program. thanks!

Anonymous said...

Ya can't hear Del. He needs to mix his voice higher and also speak up a little bit. Not higher than the guest but at the same level or a hair or two lower.

Anyway it was Kyle that did 90% of the talking and very articulately. Almost all the memes of the alternative media and even the alternative to the alternative media are dissected in this one hour & 42 minutes. They even got into Kyle's contribution to Fetcho's Gematria work with the rainbow alphabet.

I'd say this one was the best overall audio from Kyle since the one he did with Lee Rogers back in May:

Anonymous said...

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WHAT is being 'governed' by the leaders and how ? Is it government by consent or the tyranny of the majority in the name of 'the common good' over the minority and, of course, also against the smallest minority, the individual ?

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