Monday, November 5, 2012

Spingola Speaks 2012.11.05

Deanna discusses the book  "The Transfer Agreement and the Boycott Fever 1933 by Udo Walendy"

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Anonymous said...

Babble-gabble -- sharp intake of breath - gabble-babble.

Deanna, if you read this, please stop and consider speaking SLOWER, with GAPS, at least when you are reading extensive selections. Speech is like music, it is meaningless (or at any rate harder to understand) without rests to assist the listener to absorb and understand - and to have some chance to REMEMBER.

Just listen to Sledge or (less so) Giuliani and ask yourself: did they have elocution / oratory lessons (both ex prospective church ministers; Sledge admits to also being "ex" John Birch Society (funded by Koch Bros)) or are they just "naturals"? Either way, they can read.

Sorry to sound negative but honestly, I'd sooner listen to TTS when narration is done like this.

Anonymous said...

I guess part of the problem is Deanna hasn't had any pro voice lessons and also she is a speed reader. Her voice is not polished so it can make it a bit difficult for some to follow along smoothy. Maybe less reading Deanna. We love ya anyway. You still lead the pack!