November 11, 2012

Truth Jihad Radio with Kevin Barrett

1st Hour: Kevin interviews Stephen Lendman.

2nd Hour: Kevin interviews Gordon Duff and talks about the 40% false information claim.




Anonymous said...

Barrett says he will accepts Duff's 60% bullshit. Duff says the ADL has over 200 web sites attacking him and he doesn't care a bit. He said Tobin put out this tape against him. Apparently Duff believes the holocaust happened but believes it's a travesty that Tobin can't speak freely. Duff is claiming that the tape is not him and it's been dubbed over. Does anyone have the Mike Harris show for that day who can check it? Trust but verify...

Anonymous said...

I heard this show LIVE and it is saved here on the site. Fluff is a mother fucking liar and there will be calls made to the network about this. Harris should be ashamed of himself for being a part of the vd intelligence operation. the audience deserves to know what is happening.

30.06 said...

rockclimber , I just checked the RBN archives , and lo and behold , there are NO archives for Mike Harris !

Anonymous said...

The Mike Harris show is archived AT THIS SITE!

The file name is as follows:


The statement in question is time-stamped at 70min40sec.

There is no questioning or any debating what he said!!!

Anonymous said... and yes, 70 minutes 40 seconds in.

Duff is a fucking liar and Barret already stated that he would accept Duff's bullshit. The 'truthers' are outing themselves by the day.

Anonymous said...

velly intel-estink!

Anonymous said...

Funny how Duff blames this on Frederick Tobin, a holocaust denier. Un-fucking-believable. Could it be any more obvious?

Anonymous said...

I posted the grizzom archive of the Oct 12 MHarris show, with timestamp, to KBarrett's radio blog entry. It's awaiting moderation.

The only other comment there presently is also from me, Anonymous November 10, 2012 7:49 PM

We'll see if KB approves the comment- he's also a VT writer who has duff on his show regularly; I'll listen to nearly any guest KB interviews but been skipping hours with duffy beginning at least a year ago- couldn't handle his breathless rapid-fire, un-verifiable/dubunkable bs, boasting of being "good friends" with everyone who's anyone- total waste of time.

Anonymous said...

anon: did Barret allow your post to go through?

Anonymous said...

Kevin Barrett True Faggot Radio

Anonymous said...

^^ rockclimber, yes he posted:

note a reply from a Dr.E basically saying I'm being divisive by illuminating Duff's lies like that. I have a reply to him pending approval.

Anonymous said...

So Duff lies outright and some asshole, Dr E, (who is Dr e?0 tells you you're being divisive for pointing out Duff's blatant lies, furthermore blaming it on Tobin, proving that he has an axe to grind towards holoco$t deniers? Un-fucking-believable.

Anonymous said...

Shill vs. shill - who will be crowned the lesser of two shills but still a shill - where have we seen this before if not a hundred times already ?



Anonymous said...

Kevin Barret isn't a holocaust promoter, but he is an admitted true beLIEver of the holocaust dogma

Poseidon said...

So after Duff makes the 40% disinfo admission on 12 October, Mike Harris is running around deleting the RBN archives for his October Short End of the Stick shows, having himself taken off RBN's list of hosts, the schedule, and the list of archives, and he files a copyright claim at YT so that the original video of the two Duff audio clips from Harris's show gets pulled.

On November 9, Kevin Barrett has Duff on the second hour of his Truth Jihad Radio, with Duff claiming that the audio clips were spliced and dubbed over. Technically, that's correct, since two clips were spliced together, and the sentence "If I didn't write false information I wouldn't be alive" was copied, slowed down and pasted. But there was nothing deceptive or misleading about the way it was done; his words were not taken out of context, and the video is an accurate rendition of Duff's speech throughout those clips. Duff also denies making the "40%" admission, which is a barefaced lie.

On November 14, Barrett posts an article "Who's afraid of Gordon Duff?", in which he attempts to put a new spin on the affair by claiming the audio clip demonstrates "Gordon's 'loose cannon' style of humorous hyperbole", suggesting that Duff was joking about the 40% disinformation.

It's generally the cover-up that brings them down. If Duff was simply joking about 40% of his writing being "at least purposely partially false", and about 30% of Veterans Today material being "patently false", then it would not have been necessary to lie with his denial of the 40% admission (he could have explained the "joke"), and it would not have been necessary to mislead with the claim about splicing and dubbing. If Duff hadn't been lying when he denied having admitted to writing 40% disinfo, and if the video had been in any way deceptive with its splicing, it would not have been necessary to delete the RBN October 2012 archives for Short End of the Stick or to file a copyright claim against the video, since a comparison of the archives against the video or even against mirrored copies of the full audio would have confirmed the allegation of deceptive splicing and dubbing.

It has long been obvious that Gordon Duff is a Jewish disinformation agent. Early in 2011, I wrote "The Dimitri Khalezov 'WTC was nuked' hoax": a review of Khalezov's claims about several 150 kTon nukes being used to take down the WTC, and Duff's eager promotion of that. Duff's October 2012 confession merely corroborates what was already evident.