Friday, December 21, 2012

Live Free Or Die Radio 2012.12.20

Guest Doug Owen.


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1776blues said...

I see Dov had to have his say about the accusations made against him. He claims his decision to remove Mike and Kyle wasn't about their content but then failed to explain why. Instead he said there were other reasons. Yeah, that tells us a lot! Not! It was a vague explanation.

Keith Truth Militia Radio said...

Who is this guest Doug Owen...I listened last night and could have sworn the guest was Dov

Anonymous said...

It was because Sledge got on the air piss-drunk & said kike something like 20 times in under 3

They can't have that over at Oracle, they're not the VNN forum & Stormfront. They'll lose most of their advertisers and these are guys that are anti-zio in the first place and have no problem with hosts like Giuliani & Fetcho & for the past year Lee Rogers himself who criticize Jews on almost every show or they wouldn't advertise on Oracle in the first place, Thomas James, the Hemp USA guy and the rest.

None of the Oracle or RBN people are allowed to have a guy like Glenn Miller or Alex Linder on dropping nigger & wetback and spic and kike left & right or even J.B. Campbell who's not racialist but hardcore militia advocating armed revolution.

Why they shitcanned Kyle is anybody's guess since he's never been even half as out-of-control as Sledge & he never gets into the slurs on air in the first person.
Probably because he defended Sledge or maybe he got pissed off & called Dougie a Jew shill.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that last answer Dov. So basically you want to be the next Alex Jone$...makes sense because you speak like a paytriotard.

Anonymous said...

I gotta say that I had a feeling about a lot of these patriotards in the beginning that they sounded effeminate.Dov Cohen definitely falls into that category.

Celtic Rebel layed it out about six months ago with the history of aids and how that movement was first into the conspiracy stuff because of the aids conspiracy in the gay population.. Makes sense.

It's amazing how little they have grown.Same shit as five years ago.Personally without this site I would refuse to listen to any of it just because of the commercials.How do people endure the constant commercial breaks ?

Thank You Mami's Shit.

Anonymous said...

December 21st, 2012 marks the end of Oracle as we know it.

Sledge and Kyle gone, Lee's last show is tonight. Soon Guliani, Fetch, and Celtic Rebel will be gone.

Those are all the highest rated shows on the network. All those hosts are more aware of what's really going on in the world than every other network combined.

They are passionate hosts besides being entertaining. They speak very candidly about what they think and feel. It's a far cry from the other hosts on Oracle that just parrot the same regurgitated alt media bullshit. Hosts like Sledge and Kyle are actually getting to the root of things and it scares Doug because it makes him look like the mailing-it-in shill that he really is.

When I first heard about the firings I gave Doug the benefit of the doubt, but after hearing his very jew-style argument framing last night...he's shown his true colors.

Anonymous said...

Dov Cohen's heart is in money and he will run out Giuliani and others, mark my words. Dov is infected by jew greed, don't let him try to fool you.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Doug will be proven right and there will be new and improved shows to fill the gaps

Anonymous said...

Celtic Rebel isn't going anywhere. He's their biggest act. If Rectal goes he takes 10 to 20,000 listeners with him a week. Sledge, on the other hand, probably never pulled even a 4000 download show.

The whole idea of Oracle is to have basically a bunch of Alex Jones clones who kick the Jews in the balls like Giuliani. If Alex Jones was not the Jew shill that he is, then there would be very little need for a network like Oracle or even RBN since all the hardcore racialists could then just go to VNN & Stormfront.

Giuliani was the only host there kicking Jews in the balls a couple of years ago. Then Celtic Rebel joined him in between his buttcodes. Sledge at that time was hardly kicking Jew nutsack at all.

Both Fetcho and Kyle were internet friends of Celtic.

Celtic brought Fetcho on his show, brought Kyle on his show and after a while got Fetcho his own show, then Kyle his own show PLUS he turned Lee Rogers around on the holohoax and other issues so that he could start batting Jew testicles out of the park also.

CR is bascially responsible for all the Jewweize hosts on Oracle except for Charle Giuliani who was the original and only 'elite Jew pig' ass whuper on their network.

Giuliani basically changed their whole network around through his influence on Celtic Rebel.

That's the basic history of Oracle since its inception.

Kyle should have never been fired but Sledge deserved the canning he got. Sledge should just go directly on VNN with the rest of the Klan members in his family and be done with it.

Dennis Fetcho said...

Giuliani basically changed their whole network around through his influence on Celtic Rebel.

You would be surprised...

Anonymous said...

Fetcho Please fill us in on this? The Oracle chat rooms are filled with jews pretending to hate jews and non-whites and they profess their love for Hitler. They obviously played a major role in the ousting of Lee and Sledge and Kyle (and likely others). Oracle chatters who pretend to hate jews and yet go against those who expose the jew and their sordid history. Yet they gather in Charlie's chat room; the supposed EJP revealer of their grotesque past and present. How do you figure that? And if you would listen to Lee and Rebel discussing this on Lee's last show at about 1:00 am (overdrive) these problematic chatters were discussed.

It has left me in doubt as to whom to listen to ... for all I know RBN and Oracle are just gathering sites to identify the so-called jew-wise. How have they accomplished this in the past? By controlled oppostion, etc. Listen to Doug and his callers; never before had I realized the intent of Oracle until this interview. All callers supported jews and most were jews; like the great obfuscator jew-jane (aka Thesaigirl).

After hearing this, no more Oracle listenining for me. I listen to a select few on RBN and all of The Ugly Truth when I can. Charlie should clean up his chat room if he is really intersted in Oracle.

Anonymous said...


I wasn't saying that Celtic made you Jew-wise or rather holohoax-wise. I'm sure you were both jewweize and holohoax-wise for a long time before Giuliani and CR.

But few people not into occult and esoterica knew about 'Dennis Fetcho and the Illuminatus Observer' before your Red Ice appearance and before CR introduced his audience to you.

At that time, which is early 2010,for every thousand people that knew who Alex Jones and David Icke and Jeff Rense were, a hundred people knew who Michael Tsarion was, maybe 50 knew who Daryl Bradford Smith was, 30 knew who Giuliani was, 15 knew who Celtic Rebel was and maybe 5 knew who Dennis Fetcho was and 0 knew who Kyle Hunt or Mike Sledge were

Tsarion was the first big-time name with worshipful, cult-like followers in the more esoteric / occult side of the conspiracy movement to post a shit-ton of stuff on his forum exposing the holohoax. He never talked about it in public but posted constantly on his forum where he had made himself the only poster in response to constant accusations of being a Rosicrucian.

At that time, all these Celtic Rebel type synchromystic guys were into Tsarion's marathon presentations. They were calling him 'the legend' left and right. lol

Listen to the show CR did with Tsarion.

It's one of the few shows where you can hear awe or the respect of fanboy-dom in CR's

He had the same respect for you also Fetch but unfortunately you pulled all those old Illuminatus Observer interviews from your site and we can no longer revisit the origins of the saga of Oracle.