Monday, January 28, 2013

David Duke Show 2013.01.28

Today: Dr. David Duke and Dr. Kevin MacDonald do a "foundation" show today on the new Immigration Amnesty Bill before Congress and a great overview of the Jewish extremist role in deposing the 90 percent European majority of the United States and the transformation of America into a Jewish-controlled state in the service of Zio Globalism.

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Anonymous said...

Why in heavens name are you linking to Kevin MacDonald? Don't you know that Yahweh, aka Kike Delaney, denounced him and Ernst Zundel as shills? Make up your minds Kike followers.

"In any case, with the stroke of a pen, Mike Delaney has completely exposed himself and Prothink; he denounces Ernst Zundel and Kevin Macdonald as agents of Zion and at the same time attempts to rehabilitate a known Zionist shill, Eric Hufschmid. Delaney pals around with a known Khazar Jew, Evren Kaplan, what is one to think? Hufschmid was once associated with another informant named Daryl Bradford Smith, but when Smith was exposed for what he was, they split up hoping that Hufschmidt might maintain a modicum of credibility, which never really happened." Curt Maynard

Anonymous said...

You're quoting the murderer Curt Mayonnaise? LOL.

He shot his Latina wife and child and then shot himself in the head while the police ran him down in Texas. He was a bipolar white racist nutcase...and you're quoting that loser?