Sunday, January 27, 2013

Lindsey Narrates 2013.01.26

Who Brought the Slaves to America by Walter White, Jr.

The story of the slaves in America begins with Christopher Columbus. His voyage to America was not financed by Queen Isabella, but by Luis de Santangelo, who advanced the sum of 17,000 ducats (about 5,000 pounds-today equal to 50,000 pounds) to finance the voyage, which began on August 3, 1492.

The Jews were expelled from Spain on August 2, 1492, and from Portugal in 1497. Many of these Jews emigrated to Holland, where they set up the Dutch West Indies Company to exploit the new world.  Read the rest here

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Anonymous said...

excellent job Lindsey. appreciate your time and effort. I hope the black community gets a hold of this information and starts passing along the information. I'm sick of being blamed for slavery. RJ

Anonymous said...

Great job Lindsey. Next task is to get this to the black community. Don't you have connections w/Cynthia McKinney?? Do you think she could link to this from her site or something?? I think black people honestly have no clue about this, except for those who follow Farakhan (his organization has published a book on the jewish role in slavery)


Unknown said...

Great, Lindsay! You should keep up with your narrations.

Lindsey said...

If, by popular request, you guys wanted, Mr. Grizzom has my permission to post any and all narrations that he would like. I have all of them available now on my site.


NB: I spent three hours last night putting everything on the site and adding descriptions, and this is something that I should have done a long time ago.

Anonymous said...

As always, most appreciated Lindsey

ThaiLadyBoi said...

Great job Linthey, I miss you so much!!! XOXO

Anonymous said...

Wow I can smell your yeast infection from here in Iceland!! Good job linthey on who brought the niggers here..

AARON said...

good job Lindsey i haven't had a chance to listen yet, but i will provide feedback when i do.

Anonymous said...

Lindsey your new mic sounds like a good one. As an audio engineer for 35yrs, may I offer a suggestion?

You are occasionally getting a bit of clipping and percussive breath popping. You can remedy this by moving the mic further away and tilting it away from you. Speak over the element not straight into it.