Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Saturday Afternoon with Carolyn Yeager August 18, 2012

Vincent Reynouard, the indomitable ‘holocaust’ and historical Revisionist who has faced up to the worst persecutions the French state can dish out for the last 20 years,  tells about his new work, his political views, his sparse living standard, and why he continues, with good cheer and dedication, to produce new videos and post them on his new YouTube channel. Volunteers who are able to write English and other language subtitles for these videos are encourage to write to Vincent.
Vincent says since young people don’t want to read books now (although they should). he makes videos. But he still publishes his bi-monthly magazine Sans Concession and sends it to subscribers. Soon the older issues will be available for free to websites that request them.
Email him at vincentreynouard@gmx.fr France 
Hadding Scott co-hosts the program with Carolyn, and Vincent’s assistant Marie is heard speaking also.

Auschwitz: The Underground Guided Tour by Carolyn Yeager



Anonymous said...

Does she mention the arse whooping she got from the guys from Renegade?

Unknown said...

That was Truth Militia.
Myself I like Carolyn, on her newest show she presented a newly translated Hitler speech that seems quite good.
I am weary of anyone with CI connections, but like I said in the other thread, one of Ford's researchers was one so that's proof we can work together on that..
I still think it should be publicly debated and put all the facts on the table though..

Anonymous said...

This guy must be related to Linus Torvalds.