Thursday, January 24, 2013

Spingola Speaks 2013.01.24

Guest:  Paul Fromm, founder of the Canadian Association for Free Expression (CAFE)

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Anonymous said...

One of the callers on the 23rd to the daughter of the Hitler Girls asked whether the guest was anti-semitic. I am sorry that Deanna did not allow the question. Carolyn Yeager would have allowed it.

Anonymous said...

You're an idiot. The caller said anti-semade and hung up. That's all I heard.

Anonymous said...

You are wrong, childish name-calling anon. He asked, are you an anti-semite. Clean out your ears.

Anonymous said...

Paul, it would be best if you cancelled your appearance on Deanna Speaks, rather than uglily coughing your way through. After ten minutes of it, I could no longer stand to listen.