Saturday, January 12, 2013

The American Awakening with Michael Herzog 2013.01.12

Guest: John Friend

The first hour was plagued with Skype problems and what not. At some point I heard Lee Rogers' bumper music. LOL So after removing all the dead air, hour one lasts 25 minutes. Hour two was OK.


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george said...

i havent listened to this yet but .......
considering michael has had janet phelan and barbara hartwell - 2 (imo) zio lovers/apologists ok cut the crap jew apologists - oops -

after all they discovered that zioncrimefactory was really mike delaney -lol-

this is intersting that m herzog had john on - its late here in the uk and will listen the morrow

Anonymous said...

Herzog is strange. He used to do "Jew wise" shows. At one point he got into some trouble and had to declare bankruptcy, and then he had Phalen and Heartwell on every second week. This was a long time ago, before oracle.

The Realist Report said...

Hey guys, this show was a fucking joke. I was ready to be done with it after 10 minutes. The technical problems were ridiculous. A friend of mine in San Diego knows Michael Herzog, and suggested I be a guest of his to discuss Sandy Hook. So I agreed, but I doubt I'd do it again.

Lindsey said...

John, I am really starting to consider that was sabotage from with-in, to take-away from what you were saying and to basically make the show un-listenable.

I have NEVER heard as many technical difficulties in ANY show, and that includes Mike Harris' infamous technical problems each show, in the history of listening to the various shows out there, and especially Herzog's shows are free from any kind of shit like what happened during this one, as far as I have ever heard.

The producer was Dov Cohen, and he has enough experience, or so "I" thought, to deal with "techinical difficulties," but during YOUR interview, they just were overwhelming to the point that the average listener would just have tuned-out...

I'm just saying what I think and am not accusing anyone of doing anything, but I can not be the only person who is thinking this.


Lindsey said...

"At some point I heard Lee Rogers' bumper music. LOL"

I do not find ANY of that bullshit that ruined the show funny AT ALL.

So...if it was outside interference or just routine technical-difficulties, how was it that Lee Rogers' bumper-music was being mistakenly played during Herzog's show? You know what, Cohen needs to be asked directly about what happened during this show because, apparently, he was producing it and should know what would have ruined an otherwise great interview. There MUST be an adequate explanation for how ALL THREE OF THE PEOPLE ON THE SHOW HAD HORRIBLE CONNECTIONS, among many other problems, and frankly, I WANT TO HEAR THAT EXPLANATION.


Anonymous said...

Lindsey = Jew. Cohen. Herzog. Wake up, dudes and dudettes.

Anonymous said...

Live shows are always a problem. Daryl Bradford Smith, who's nobody's technical expert, has been doing recorded audios from rural France for over 6 years now and his stuff is consistently listenable even if the audio is far from best quality.

Putting quality stuff in archives that can then be posted at much more popular sites is all that really matters.

Most people don't even bother to do that. They just go to Oracle or come here to grizzom and listen and don't even put the links up to audios they like at other websites and forums that are thousands of times more popular than Oracle.

The lamest crap is wasting time posting stuff only in chatrooms. Nobody reads chatrooms but the most hardcore fans of a particular radio show host. Lots of great stuff gets posted in chatrooms that then should also be posted on every goddamn forum on the internet that will allow it. But people are too lazy for that small effort of posting on different forums and websites or else they've managed to get themselves banned everywhere. All they want to do it get drunk and hang out in chatrooms preaching to the choir which accomplishes zero market saturation.