Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Piper Report 2013.01.20


Mike Piper



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Anonymous said...

Don Johnson wants his white jacket back.

Anonymous said...

Is this piper chap for real??? At the 22mins mark it gets a little crazy. IMO this guy is a sell-out scum bag. Or am i wrong? This lot are doing a good job on folk who just wanna understand. RBN burn!!!

Scorpio said...

If been critical of Piper's show for some time now, and I do knot approve of his alliance with Mark Glenn or his stance on multikulturalism in general. However, This show was quite good, in that it exposed several conspirotard memes floating around the internuts.

Anonymous said...

He has a bust of Hitler in his living room and he wrote Final Judgement. He's legit.
Just because he doesn't buy the autistic theories about Sandy Hook doesn't make him a shill.

Anonymous said...

His view on sandy hook is way out IMO. you say he is legit and not a shill so i will go with that for now. BTW i don't own any of his books and ive only heard 2 of his shows. I am just trying to understand thats all :)