Friday, February 1, 2013

A proposal from John Friend 2013.02.01

A proposal


Anonymous said...

John Friend is awesome!

RetNavy62 said...

Very talented with a driven spirit that is focused. Rare and gifted. Hope he never loses his fire. Good luck John and thanks for what you are doing.

The Realist Report said...

Thanks for posting Mami, and thanks guys.

Anonymous said...

Keep it up Friend! And thank you

Unknown said...

Great points, John.
The 5 are a great core tenet we can all agree on.
We can move on and do our on work and debate our other beliefs and theories in the proper forum, but we should always remember what we're working for and agree on core principals.
Our disagreements can be dealt with (and they should be debated and discussed with decorum and well researched arguements etc).. but what we agree on far surmounts our disagreements.

Anonymous said...


Congressmen Mac Thornberry (R-TX) and Adam Smith (D-WA) introduced The Anti-2nd Amendment Propaganda Transmission to Americans Act …..otherwise known as “The Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012” (H.R. 5736).

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The Anti-2nd Amendment Propaganda Transmission to Americans Act (H.R. 5736) coincidentally was passed just 7 months before the Sandy Hook Move hit the streets.

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Time to inform everyone you know.

This is the smoking gun.

Anonymous said...

Either form a hierarchy or forget about it.

Anonymous said...

I'm doing my part by praying to yahweh for the deliverance of the true Israelites (white people), blaming all my problems on 'niggers', and 'prepping' aka shopping at wal-mart for the tribulation.

The Realist Report said...


NO ONE is blaming our problems on "niggers" you fucking idiot! GET A FUCKING LIFE! If you have sort of intelligent criticism let us know.