Thursday, February 21, 2013

Mark Dankof’s America Feb 20, 2013

Mark Dankof is joined by Dr. Adrian Krieg of A to Z Publications and the America 3rd Position Party.

Mark opens the show with his new feature, “Is There Any Truth to the Rumor That . . .?” and the News Summary.

Among the items of interest to be covered by the Dankof/Krieg Brain Trust is the article sent to Mark by Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich of the Walter Annenberg School of International Diplomacy at the University of Southern California: The Tablet Magazine: A New Read on Jewish Life essay entitled, “How Anti-Judaism is at the Heart of Western Culture,” by Adam Kirsch.





Anonymous said...

Someone needs to tell Mr Dankof that Dr. Adrian Krieg is a Freemason. Krieg was exposed on the John Stadtmiller broadcast on September 21 2009.

Mark is associating himself with a Freemason. Which could affect his credibility.

In addition Walter Annenberg School of International Diplomacy (mentioned in the description) has connections to the Council on Foreign Relations.

The torrent can be found at

On September 21 2009, John Stadtmiller interviewed Adrian Krieg who wrote the 2009 book 'Our Vision from America'. The interview was fairly informative and had some pretty good
information. The interview went well until caller 'Larry from Texas' asked if Krieg was a member of the Freemasons, Time Stamp >(57:25).

John was unaware that his guest was Freemason. Larry asks how could Adrian could take part in
that and goes on to chastise the Masons. At this point John asks what degree he is and Adrian says 32nd degree.

From there the interview starts to take a turn, Adrian accuses some of RBN's hosts are insiders and 'taking part and double dipping' and says that he (Adrian) doesn't think it is right. Adrian goes on to mention that he been a Mason for 28 years and been in lodges all over the country.

Adrian goes on to defend the Masons and mentions the Protocols of Zion and says Jews represent less than 2 1/2 % of Masonic membership. Adrian also says that the Masons never have political discussions. John asks if Adrian has been tapped for the 33 degree in which

Adrian says that he is a York Rite Mason. Adrian goes on to explain the differences between a York Rite and Scottish Rite Mason.

John asks Adrian about Albert Pike's Book, 'Morals and Dogma'. John mentions that in the 33rd degree Rite, the Mason learns that the Light bearer is Lucifer. 'Larry From Texas' is
still on the phone and adds more about the Masons about following the Sun and Fellow Travelers. Adrian does not believe that there is a Political Sphere involved in the Masons.

As John goes to break he tells 'Larry From Texas' to stay on the line and John adds that he doesn't think a whole lot of books will be sold. After the break Larry mentions about the Masons being a Secret Society in which Adrian says the Masons are not a Secret Society.

Larry counters what Adrian said and mentions all the Secret Societies are connected and mentions Skull and Bones and The Fraternal Order Of Police.

It gets more interesting, 'Mona from California' calls in and defends the Masons and says the 33rd Degree is a 'Honorary Degree' offered to heads of state. Adrian mentions that George Washington was a Mason in which John countered that Washington decried Masonry and made a proclamation against it.

As it gets deeper, you could tell John is getting pissed. John mentions that he wishes that he had Texe Marrs here in which Adrian calls Texe a "screwball"...this is where John reaches his limit and says the interview is over.

(If you haven't heard this before, it makes for interesting listening. Especially when someone gets exposed live on the air)

Anonymous said...

What a tool!

This guy is controlled opposition.

I guess there's no such thing as Fort Bragg, North Carolina then.

I guess there's no such thing as PSYOP.

Thank you so much for telling how think - and what to think.

Fucking tool.

Anonymous said...

(Actually it goes down hill from here, if that is even possible)


So the JOKE is: The GUY IS A TOP-LEVEL 32nd DEGREE MASON, yet he writes books "exposing" the Illuminati (who controls the Masons) but he is aggravated by people like us (and "experts" like Texe Marrs, etc.) for saying that Masonry is devil worship!

LOL, what a little "circle of intrigue" we have going on here, lol (this time I'm laughing at my own "play on words"... "Circle of Intrigue" is a book by Texe Marrs for anyone not aware...).

Is Mr. Krieg deceived and doesn't realize the Illuminati controls the Masons? (Anyone that high up, 32nd degree, has to know what is going on, right? They hand-pick 'em to be graduated up the ladder that far... though the lower peons in the Masonry hierarchy truly are "window dressing" for the big boys).

Or... is Krieg "playing a role" of Illuminati-exposer to suck people in by controlling what or how much the herd of the masses think they know about the "inside workings" of the Illuminati by giving them false or incorrect "inside" information? (A more correct term would be that he is possibly a "Controlled Opposition Front.") You know how it goes with the global elite, they play Both Sides Of The Fence -- Dialectic Struggle -- Is that what we have here?

So anyway, I zapped Jon/Exposing Satanism a note to let him know about Krieg's Masonic Opposition article and wondered what Jon thought, and/or had this Krieg fellow openly admitted he was a Mason on the radio interview? Jon's replies...

Admin - Exposing Satanism wrote on 4/7/06 2:28 PM:

Yep I just got a response back from him. He is a 32nd in the York rite. Gianni [hostess of the radio show] is livid!! Here is his response to my question.

Dear John,
Thanks for your E-mail. To respond. I am a York right (Christian) Mason 32nd deg. And have been for about 40 years. In order to gain an understanding of this issue The Masonic Library in NYC has a huge volume of books that are available for loan. I'm sorry but I do not remember the address. York Right is entirely Christian non-Christians are unable to join because the rights and meetings are held in the name of the Christ. Get a Masonic Bible in the front there is usually a detailed explanation of York vs Scottish Right.

Anonymous said...