Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Missing Link of Jewish European Ancestry: Contrasting the Rhineland and the Khazarian Hypotheses

(So are we back to the Khazar theory? This works for the Christian's but regardless, I suggest it is the religion that is the problem and the ethnocentrism as a result of it. I won't be getting into a pissing contest over it but would like to hear your thoughts).

The Missing Link of Jewish European Ancestry: Contrasting the Rhineland and the Khazarian Hypotheses PDF


Anonymous said...

so they are really turks?

Anonymous said...

No, study from a jewish controlled institution, it's a jewish conspiracy

Anonymous said...

You bunch of big sillies. All right-thinking people know that the world is run by a Germanic death cult, and that the Irish are really the Chosen Children of Yahweh.

Where have you been?

Unknown said...

For people too slow to read scientific articles, this basically only confirms what most people considered to be the origins of Ashkenazi Jews.
They are mostly Semetic Jews with some admixture of "Khazaric" DNA (though Khazaria was a highly multi-racial state which complicates matters). This is plainly obvious as they exhibit mostly semetic traits.. big nose, "jewfros", etc.. with some mixtures of lighter skin and hair.
While DNA seemed to cluster more highly to the Eastern European side then previously suspected (and this is from a perspective of mainstream scientific lore which was said to be minimal at best due to skewed testing) but the DNA still exhibits strong ties to the ancient Judean DNA (which we have by the way, the Jews buried their dead well and guess what they weren't Nordic).

Thu said...

Plausible theory and while I'm not much of a scholar in science (which is just theory after all) I still think the Khazarian theory holds true as you look at the great grandparents and they look somewhat mongolian(asian) which would suggest that they came out of eastern asia and migrated westward.

Anonymous said...

"Our findings support the Khazarian Hypothesis and portray the European Jewish genome as a mosaic of Caucasus, European, and Semitic ancestries, thereby consolidating previous contradictory reports of Jewish ancestry."

Mosaic = Mongrel

Just like most of the Mosaics that visit this website.

Harry Schwartz type Mosaics, who talk with their noses.

Anonymous said...

mongrel migration

Anonymous said...

Sephardic and Ashkenazi have the same DNA.

zapoper said...

How can they have the same DNA? They both look different.

anarchore said...

Hitler's haplogroup: http://www.nowpublic.com/world/hitler-haplogroup-chromosome-shows-hitlers-african-jewish-roots-2654118.html

So maybe his dad really was a Rothschild bastard.

Funny the people who praise Hitler also will say that all Jews are a race.

Anonymous said...

Jews are an ethnic group, easily proven by dna. But lets believe the jew Koestler because we all know that jews never lie, no not at all, jews always tell the truth. Of course people that believe in fairy tales would fall for that nonsense, what wouldn't they believe ? lol

Anonymous said...

It's funny because Texe Marr's interpreted this study to mean that Jew's are ethnically Jewish. This fits his interpretation of Revelaions 2:9 but it's just not so. How can one read it and intepret it that way?

Anonymous said...

They have the same origins. About 30% of the same DNA today. They've always been interbreeding to a degree.

Unknown said...

what you posted is bad science
while e1b1b is MORE common in Africa, it's still very common in Europe. The DNA tests you mentioned would pick up way more if he was 1/4 Rothschild. Pantifag.

Anon @ 11:43

Christians will twist anything and everything as long as it confirms their insane theology. Look at CI.

Pas said...

Interesting post, eventhough it's a ''Jew'' study, I don't see the scientific arguments being used are false but I'm certainly no academian.Thanks RC.

Great comments by Lugh DeSidhe!Good luck with your show man, the last one was great.(http://www.blogtalkradio.com/renegadebroadcasting/2013/02/17/renegade-roundtable.mp3)

Anonymous said...

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J3133 said...

It's honestly really easy to understand what happened with the Khazars if you understand how Jews work and what they wished to accomplish.

Jews already knew whites were their gravest enemies. So in order to destroy us from within, they had to look like us. They interbred with Khazars to achieve this, in a very controlled manner. They bred Jews who looked white *enough* to get past whites' defenses but who still maintained the evil Jewish soul.

Anonymous said...

As I type this comment I am looking at "the thirteenth tribe" and "the jews of khazaria", both of which I read and researched.

Yes, the Khazarian royalty converted to Judaism and intermarried with jews from Persia. They bulit synagogues and yeshivas. The ruling class converted to judaism under the guidance of sephardic and persian jews.

This does not mean that all, or even a majority of eastern european jews are khazars. Those who promote this myth do so to rationalize christianity. They igonre the facts that the Talmud was codefied in the Iberian penninsula before the khazars and that it is simple rabbinical commentary on the torah. They ignore that the torah is the true source of judaism, zionism, christianity (judaism for the slaves of the jews) and all the evils we suffer under today.

J3133 said...

Previous anonymous is wrong.

It doesn't matter whether Khazars were the primary white race Jews bred with to pretend to be white.

Jews are Jews, the soul is what matters. Even they admit this. Why do you think they are so strict about who is considered a Jew? They demand a Jew have a Jewish SOUL - evil.

I could NEVER embrace the Talmud. It would eat me up from within if I tried. I would probably commit suicide or murder every Jew around me if I was forcibly converted. That is the only response for a genuinely good white man.

NEVER could I embrace that which the Talmud encourages.

Jews are not a book. They are a race.

"They ignore that the torah is the true source of judaism, zionism, christianity (judaism for the slaves of the jews) and all the evils we suffer under today."

Bullshit. Jews are the creators of the Talmud. It is a book that merely puts into words what Jews are by nature.

In the same way my website is merely a reflection of my own personality, my own nature.

Jews are evil.

The Talmud is just a book.

Anonymous said...

Rachel Weisz Sephardi married to 007

anarchore said...

Hey Lugh;

About 20% of Eastern Jews have the E1b1b group:


Compared to 1-5% of people living in the region of Austria, according to your link:


Put that together with the fact of his grandmother getting pregnant while working for Rothschild's gives a good jumping off point for further inquiries, no?

Hitler's running Germany into the ground after giving false hope seems planned to me.

Anonymous said...

Hey anarchore check this link out. It's the best I've seen on proof of Hitler being controlled. Also the swastika is the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet and means YHVH in jewish mysticism.


Anonymous said...

correct answer is A & B
so they are really turks?
No, study from a jewish controlled institution, it's a jewish conspiracy


Lugh said...

Anarchore..The DNA data you mentioned proves Ashkenazim Semetism.. and the graph you posted shows that it has a light admixture in Europe. 1-5% admixture hardly proves Hitler was a Rothschild.. (would a Rothschild be a runner, the most dangerous job in the war?? LOL) as that percentage is common among all Europeans.
You're scratching for reasons to make your bullshit antifa thesis work BUT IT WONT.. AND FRIEND IT NEVER EVER WILL

Lugh said...

Anon @ 3:24
BULLSHIT, the Swastika.. the pagan symbol of our Galaxy, the Milky Way Galaxy has existed long before any Jew spit their first vile breath

Anon @ 1204
None of this research truly proves that the Khazars are not Jews.. Hell, if the Khazar theory were proven true tommorow it would write the Ashkenazi off for the Talmud! What a joke and a Jewish plot!
Look, they act the exact same as the Jewish people in the Old Testiment.. so what does it matter? A Jew is a Jew is a Jew.
The studies show that yes, that do have European blood. My thesis on where this came from?
Well, look at what they're doing today... keeping East Europe poor and pimping them out.
They've been doing this for centuries but no one seems to care.. they continue to blame things on evil white people.. meanwhile it's the Sephardim elite that rule things ultimately.
The Jew buried their dead.. especially the Cohenim and Levites.. and guess what! That DNA matches perfectly with the Cohens and Levys of today.. and most of them are Ashkenazi!

Anonymous said...

Lugh you should do a show on this. I would really like to here your thoughts on this and open it up for debate. I support your views btw.