Friday, March 29, 2013

David Duke Show 2013.03.29

Today: Dr. David Duke leads a health, life and fitness Friday by beginning to talk about the great perseverance and hard work of European Americans who were able to overcome draconian racial discrimination and attend Harvard University, and even though greatly outnumbered and facing a degree of bias from Jewish tribalist professors rose to the top echelon of students graduating at the top of the class at rate five times greater than did the elite Jews who go to Harvard. He talks about diet, family, attitudes and the fundamental beliefs we hold and the way to express ourselves on these subjects to our loved ones and to the world. With Kay Wahlen he talks about discipline, honor and responsibility and how with rights must come responsibility. A truly wonderful uplifting show. Also he announced his new book would hopefully be published soon, and the fundraising effort that must be completed to raise the publishing costs of a book that will be even more powerful than his first two.

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