Friday, March 8, 2013

Reconstructions Live Bonus with Siegfried 2013.03.07

Mike talks to Siegfried for 20 minutes after his show and then hands the reigns over to Siegfried to talk about some issues, play music, and entertain the late night audience.

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National Protectionism

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Anonymous said...

Interesting that renegade chat has blocked everyone except their own bitch-boys.

Troofers gonna troof.

Kyle said...

Well, if you come in to the chat talking trash like that, do you really wonder why you are not allowed to continue? Stop complaining, you little "bitch-boy".

The Ban Hammer said...

You are only 1 of 9 people banned in our chat. Congratulations on being a dick!

Anonymous said...

Mike's concept of National Protectionism is going to be fail, most americans are so mongrelized already that there is almost no such thing as "american nation".

It's one big brownish-yellowish mishmash of rootless mass culture consumers-walmarters. Only thing what is left is internet nationalism and sharing kitchy pictures of vikings.

America will be as one giant Detroit, patrolled by tanks and armoured SUV's, just like any other "republic" in Central Africa. Whites have two choises, leave or to be stamped over. All that remains is some dusty ruins of Congress building and crumbling Liberty Statue. This is quality stamp of jewish work being completed.

Unknown said...

love the steppenwolf

Anonymous said...

No need to start a new party. Sledge needs to join these guys or become their shock troops.

In terms of a proposed rally, seems like you missed this one.

"On Saturday, February 23rd 2013, hundreds of nationalists from across America rallied to protest the replacement of our population that is occurring through current immigration policies, especially the blind-eye, hands-off attitude our government has taken toward the tens of millions of foreigners who are here in violation of immigration laws."

Anonymous said...

I miss the drunken, angry, non-conformist Mike Sledge. It was entertaining and cerebral radio. The latest tirades on "national protectionism" are unoriginal and boring.
How many nationalist movements have already been established? What is original about "protectionism"?

You guys are obviously trying to take a middle road where you are neither extreme nor weak; but EXTREME FORCE is the only thing that will get us out of this shit now. And the Jews pretty much have the game rigged and set. Not only do they control the monetary system, they have armies, ammunition, and bombs.
We need spiritual power and I'm not feeling it from this movement, unfortunately.
I'm angry because I live in jewified, piece of shit world, and I don't even have decent radio to listen to now that Sledge and co have decided go the boredom ville; and they think they are cutting edge!

Anonymous said...

national protectionism is a joke, it's aimed at being a white movement. National Socialist Germany compared to America is not the same,
you will have to do things differently or face being at war with over half the population.