March 25, 2013

The Blitzkrieg Broadcast with Kyle Hunt 2013.03.25

Dr. Tom Sunic stops by the show to discuss nationalism in America and Europe, political correctness, culture struggle, and more.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, Kyle's the best broadcaster ever!

Kyle said...

Thanks, Anon!

Anonymous said...

Okay, now everyone can debate about Christianity.

JewlianiDagoSalami said...

ya thats always a nice change from when you get bored debating judaism.
Maybe you can teach your 2 trick pony a 3rd? Or gain a 10th word vocab?

v said...

One of Kyle's strongest talents are interviews.
Not sure how many old farts ya got for fans Kyle, this one has over six decades under his belt. Count me as one.

Thanks for your efforts.

Anonymous said...

Pesach Kasher brothers!

Mike said...

A Happy and Healthy Passover to you as well!

Anonymous said...


How many tricks before the pony becomes a used up old whore ?

Any of Deanna Spingola's or Charles Giuliani's guests that are not directly associated with genocidal maniacs are good guests for Kyle.

Sunic used to be on the same network (Reason Radio Network) with Carolyn Yeager, Robert Stark, Mark Weber and others.

Yeager had to go on her own 'White Network' before she could start closely associating with white supremacists Alex Linder, Hadding Scott and other long-time VNN forum members.

For some reason, Reason Radio did not seem to have any problems with Yeager's favorite associate of all: the CI lunatic William Finck. She used to have Finck on Reason Radio regularly. Whether or not RRN or Yeager knew about Finck's 10 years in prison on a racially motivated murder charge remains a mystery but there is no doubt that the nutty old hag knows all about C.I. and certainly does not disapprove of it as an ideological ally.

Let's hope Sunic is not so naive and lacking in judgement to follow in the tracks of his tenured bourgeois friend Kevin MacDonald and start appearing on Yeager's show, one degree separated from both Linder and Finck. Not a smart move at all.

With all of Oracle's anti-Jew / anti-Zionist hosts scattered to the winds, as expected, instead of making the least effort to stick together, Renegade's numbers should make an improvement, but only if they're smart enough to play their cards right and fight to get decent guests on a regular basis.

It's either that or fight-for-your-right-to-party, a married man is not a man until he's gone out and proven he can chase and conquer many holes and other demented memes from the Rectal Pebble rule book for budding vegetarian perverts.

Serb said...

Much respect for mr Sunic from Serbia!A man who sees beyond European tribal and religious dividence!

Gospodine Sunic,jako sam zahvalan za vas bistar um i vasu borbu!Zelim vam puno srece i zdravlja u zivotu!

Kyle said...

I appreciate your comment, v. Thanks.

Lugh said...

Linder is nowhere near as bad as Finck. I don't know why he gets a bad rap. Maybe because of the Turkish Marxist always bitching about him.

Anonymous said...

Kyle and Mike,

Great interview. Keep in touch with Tom. He can become a key ally for your movement.

Anonymous said...

Nice motto from sunic:

"Communism fell in the east, because it was implemented in the west"

Anonymous said...

In terms of different races in our nations:

"Who's going to be the ethnic cleanser. Them of us?"