March 10, 2013

The Piper Report 2013.03.10

Mike Piper



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Anonymous said...

gee-yads! Piper drones on about Sandy Hook skepticism, as well as his ad-nauseum character assassination campaign against Bollyn.

Since newer listeners probably don't know what Piper's fatwa against Bollyn is about, and Bollyn only seldom ref's Piper/AFP by comparison; see: "Bollyn on DBS, Hufschmid, Piper, Thorn, CIA"

also search (CTRL-F) this page for instances of "Piper",

I recall last summer/fall, Piper would spend whole shows propping up his desired pres candidate, Romney; and never a peep from him about how the "election" is a rigged sham. To listen to him, one would believe the "elections" have integrity- and the main question was who we expend our precious votes on. Meanwhile Bollyn's articles illuminated the sham elections: "U.S. Elections & Computer Vote Fraud"

Anonymous said...


I listened to Piper all last summer/fall and never ever heard him prop up Romney. That was his last choice ......

Anonymous said...

anon @ 7:54 - U might be right, I might be getting mixed up- MCP & MGlenn did some shows IIRC, and they were promoting different "leading" zio-puppets, for their own stated "strategic reasons". Also see Bollyn's:


point remains the same- any "patriot" who's "election discussion" is underpinned by the fantasy that the US/Diebold/joozmedia/bolshevik-orchestrated "elections" have any integrity... is a fraud.

Any "voters taking the country back" in the US must begin with restoring fair & fully TRANSPARENT elections.

Anonymous said...

Keep flailin' Anon, you're bound to hit something. You'll know when you do.

Anonymous said...

^ Keep flailin' at "kinky balloon", Anon@10:26 (Mike "Sandy Hooker" Piper?), you're bound to hit something. You'll know when you do. LOLZ :D

Debunking the Lies of Michael Piper

Anonymous said...

(the 'other') Mike Collins - still waiting for that Spingola Special. Or on Tooth Hurts.

Anonymous said...

Get off the drugs anon.

Piper said he preferred Obama over Romney. Don't know how you would've missed that being a "listener" to his show and all.

Piper tells the truth be it good or bad and scumbag liars such as yourself will have to do much better in trying to cath him out.


Jake Merrote said...

"Piper said he preferred Obama over Romney."

Imagine two steaming plates of shit; one more solid and darker than the other. Which one would YOU prefer?

Can you see the problem there? Two jewish puppets. Which do YOU prefer?
Me, I certainly would refuse to take any opportunity to "prefer" either one of them; so why did MCP?

With me, MCP lost all creds with his attitude and position with Sandy Hook. Defending Mark Lane has never helped his creds with me either.

Anonymous said...

Ed Chiarini, is that you?

Anonymous said...

The Piper Report 2012.09.16

Piper's official endorsement of [b]Obama[/b] for the next presidency of the USA, some stuff about kinky balloon again. Mark Glenn shows up and much much more!. LMAO

good pic there! also like this one, KINKY!!