Tuesday, April 30, 2013

MY LAST POST : Final thoughts on Zionism’s success and Arab failure

When I made my commitment to the war for truth more than three decades ago, I believed that calling and holding Israel to account for its crimes, in order for there to be peace based on justice for the Palestinians and security for all, would remain a mission impossible unless the citizens of the Western nations, enough of them and Americans especially, were informed about the truth of history.
That seemed obvious to me because it was clear that, unwilling to confront the Zionist lobby in all its manifestations, the governments of the major Western powers were not going to use the leverage they have to oblige Israel to end its defiance of international law unless and until they were pushed to do by informed public opinion – by manifestations of real democracy in action. THE problem was that most citizens of the Western nations, Americans especially, were too mis-informed and uninformed to do the pushing. In other words, because they had been conditioned by Zionist propaganda, peddled without question by the mainstream media, most citizens were too ignorant to make their democracies work for justice and peace in the Middle East.
So my starting point was the belief that the real conflict is an information war between Zionism’s masters of deception on the one side and the truth tellers on the other.
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Anonymous said...

Great. Another "zio" fag.

Anonymous said...

He is not alone in his financial ruin for doing the right thing. There is simply no unity in this joke of a movement, and those with money who know the truth are never going to support those who really need it. The truth is that we have already failed and lost, and it is simply because we have never been united while the kikes are known for putting their interests as a group above all others.

Anonymous said...

3:02 PM

United under WHAT values? Christ values, Zoroastrian values, pagan values, Odinist values or Luciferian values?

It can't be race, because white race is stagnant, deterioratin, morally corrupt and mostly decadent.

Anonymous said...

good riddance, a white man don't need you anyhow