Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Flipside with Robby Noel 2013.05.12 (Clip)

Robby explains how John Stadtmiller is trying to sue him after John allegedly stole 50K from him. NOTE: All dead air pauses removed. LOL

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Anonymous said...

I don't think anybody really cares about the South African crypto-Kike Robby Noel and his Jew gold selling scam business.

zapoper said...

I don't think anybody really cares what you think either. LOL

Anonymous said...

First off thanks Zap for uploading this.

Second, this is for the uninformed troll.Robby Noel has been Anti-Zionist for a long time. If you listened at all to any of one his broadcasts you would have known that.

Once a week Robby Noel had Charles Carlson on his broadcast. And they would spend almost the entire broadcast tearing into the Zionists and calling them out by name. In fact Charles produced a great Anti-Zionist video.

Robby was never afraid to tell it like it is or to name names. Robby was the first to mention Quantitative Easing before anyone heard of the word. Robby never has talked down to his audience or yelled at them or made them feel guilty or hopeless. He educated people and explained things so everyone could have at least an understanding of what was going on behind the scenes.

In addition Robby has been around for a long time well after other broadcasters have gone off the air. He has been on the air since the mid 1990's first starting with his International Broadcast "Viking Trading".

Scorpio said...

^^ This is all very accurate. I would like to encourage people to call into Ca$hmiller and ask him about Noel's allegations. I tried to call in today, but was put on hold for nearly an hour. I plan on trying again in the near future.

Anonymous said...

7:07 PM

Most jews today are "anti-zionists", havn't you noticed? It's just question of survival and they smell burned flesh already.

Charlie Gooliani said...

Robbie and I have shared jooooogoooo down our throats for years.
It's full of protein, and we get to suck off a lot of black dudes in the mix, We all taste the same. so stop the racism!!!!

Anonymous said...

Robby Noel is a scamming con-artist who made(and still does) his living selling overpriced gold and silver to stupid patriotards while he was at RBN. RBN is owned by a gold dealership("Republic Trading Group"). GCN is also owned by a gold dealership("Midas Resources").

The patriotard networks exist solely for the purpose of selling overpriced Jew gold to stupid naive white males. It's a gigantic Kike scam and you idiots are the suckers.

Robby Noel is in the exact same category as Alex Jones, John Stadtmiller, and Ted Anderson. There is no difference whatsoever among these scamming scumbags.

Anonymous said...

7:07 PM,

Hi, Robby Noel. It's nice to see you posting here at Mami's Patriotard Rebroadcasting Network.

Anonymous said...

Robby Noel is in the exact same category as Alex Jones, John Stadtmiller, and Ted Anderson.

How come you didn't listen to the audio clip? Your computer isn't working? Are you deaf?

Anonymous said...

Robbie Noel admires the murdering nigger Nelson Mandela. Nuffsaid.